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  • Career Development & Technology Research Team

    Career Research team

    The Career Development & Technology Research Team, housed within the College of Education at Florida State University, provides opportunities for master’s and doctoral students who have interests in research projects related to career development and/or the use of technology in career counseling. The team supports individual as well as collective research projects to inform career theory and practice. Learn more about our research below.

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    Deb OsbornDeb Osborn, Ph.D., NCC
    Dr. Osborn is an Associate Professor of Psychological and Counseling Services at Florida State University and organizes the efforts of the research team. She received her Ph.D. in Combined Counseling Psychology and School Psychology from Florida State University in 1998. Dr. Osborn’s program of research includes three foci, including: (a) the design and use of technology in counseling, (b) innovation and effectiveness in counselor education; and (c) the design and use of assessments in career services. In addition, she is currently interested in understanding the relationship between mental health and career concerns, and identifying predictors of and best practices for increasing positive career outcomes and decreasing negative outcomes. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and quilting.

    Dr. Osborn’s CV

    Zaraus BeardZaraus Beard, M.S.
    Zaraus is a first year doctoral student in the Combined Doctoral Program in Counseling and School Psychology at Florida State University. Zaraus has a Master of Science degree in Community Psychology from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Counseling Psychology from Paine College. Zaraus currently works as a Master’s Level Therapist for Florida Therapy Services in Tallahassee, Florida and as an Adjunct Professor at Florida A&M University. Zaraus’ research interests include: stress, coping, and suicide prevention; career planning and career development, in particular, for students at the postsecondary educational level, but also for students transitioning from their senior year in high school to their freshmen year in college; and lastly, transitional issues to work and postsecondary education for youth with disabilities. Zaraus’ primary hobby is shopping! He enjoys looking at different types of suits and dress shoes and really has an appreciation for the art of putting various combinations together and creating a beautiful work of art that hopefully all can appreciate and enjoy. Zaraus also enjoys writing poetry, playing basketball, and above all, being the best husband and father that he can possibly be to his wife and two little boys.

    Jackie BelleJackie Belle, B.S.
    Jacqueline Gabbard Belle is a second year graduate student in the combined M.S./Ed.S. Career Counseling program at Florida State University. She currently works as a co-instructor and career advisor at the FSU Career Center, providing career services to college students, alumni, and community members. Jacqueline’s professional and research interests include: the connection between career and mental health, career development in student athletes, career-related services for high school students, and student resiliency factors. Jackie is a Tallahassee local and both her father and her brother played football for FSU. Go Noles!

    Pei-Chun HouPei-Chun Hou, M.Ed., NCC
    Pei-Chun Hou is a fourth year Ph.D. student in the combined Counseling Psychology and School Psychology program at Florida State University. She earned her master’s degree in Counseling and Career Development from Colorado State University and her bachelor’s degree in Guidance and Counseling from National Changhua University of Education in Taiwan. Pei-Chun has an interest in working with college students and high school students in facilitating career exploration and development. She worked as a school counselor and guidance counselor in Taiwan for four years prior to relocating to the United States. Pei-Chun enjoys cooking, traveling, and learning about cultures. She also loves arts, movies, and using creative counseling techniques in her work.

    Shae McCainShae McCain, M.S.
    Shae McCain is a doctoral student in the combined doctoral program in Counseling Psychology and School Psychology at Florida State University. He has a Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, both from Valdosta State University. Shae works at the Florida State University Career Center as a career advisor and is also one of the instructors for Introduction to Career Development. Shae’s research and clinical interests include utilizing assessments in clinical work, utilizing technology in clinical work, clinical work with domestic violence victims, and the intersection of mental health and career development. In his spare time, he enjoys fishing, playing the piano and guitar, and golfing.

    Adam MillerAdam Miller, M.A.
    Adam Miller is a second year doctoral student in the combined Counseling Psychology and School Psychology program at Florida State University. He currently works as a co-instructor and career advisor at the FSU Career Center. He has earned his master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from Boston College and bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Indiana University-Bloomington. Adam’s research interests include the interaction career development, and mental health, social justice, diversity & inclusion, procrastination, as well as the use of cognitive information processing, positive psychology and motivational interviewing in career services and mental health treatment. In his free time, Adam enjoys hiking, going to the gym, eating, and American history.

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    research career

    Refereed Journal Articles


    Osborn, D., & Belle, J. G. (submitted). Preparing Juvenile Offenders for College and Career Readiness: A Cognitive Information Processing Approach. Journal of Educational and Psychological Consultation. Manuscript submitted for publication, 36 pages.


    Kronholz, J., & Osborn, D. (2016). The impact of study abroad on vocational identity among college students. Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad, 27, 70-84.

    Osborn, D., Belle, J., Gonzalez, A., & McCain, S. (2016). Linking Career and Mental Health Concerns Through Technology. Career Planning and Adult Development Journal, 32, 151-160.

    Osborn, D., Miller, A., McCain, S., & Belle, J. G. (2016). Using Social Media for Personal Online Reputation Management. Career Planning and Adult Development Journal, 32, 136-145. Manuscript submitted for publication, 17 pages.


    Osborn, D., Finklea, J. T., & Belle, J. G. (2015). Integrating Assessments into the Career Decision-Making Conversation. Career Planning and Adult Development Journal, 30 (4), 144-155.


    Osborn, D., Kronholz, J. F., Finklea, J. T., & Cantonis, A. M. (2014). Technology-Savvy Career Counseling. Canadian Psychology, 55 (4), 258-265. doi:10.1037/a0038160

    Refereed Book Chapters

    Osborn, D. S., Kronholz, J. F., & Finklea, J. T. (2016). Card Sorts. In M. McMahon, & M. Watson (Eds.), Career Assessment: Qualitative Approaches (pp. 81-88). Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sense Publishing. Retrieved from https://www.sensepublishers.com/catalogs/bookseries/career-development-series/career-assessment/


    Conference Presentationsexpand menu

    Career conference

    Dieujuste, M., Freeman, V. F., Nelson, B., & Beard, Z. (2017, June). Diversity and Inclusion: Fostering an Inclusive Environment in the Workplace. Roundtable presentation at the National Career Development Association Global Conference, Orlando, FL.

    Dozier, C., Osborn, D., Sibbet, L., McCain, S., & Sides, R. (2017, June). Theory in Action: Join us for a live demonstration of Cognitive Information Processing (CIP) Theory. Presentation to be given at Annual Conference, National Career Development Association, Orlando, FL. (National)

    Hou, P.C. & Harshner, J. (2017, June). Improving vocational identity of domestic and international college students. Roundtable Presentation at the National Career Development Association Global Conference, Orlando, FL. (National)

    Sides, R., & Miller. A. (2017, June). Becoming positive after not making the cut: Cultural considerations when advising professional baseball athletes. Roundtable presentation at the National Career Development Association Global Conference, Orlando, Fl. (National)

    Dozier, V. C., Osborn, D. S., & Kronholz, J. (presented 2016, May). The impact of a counselor-free intervention using the Self-Directed Search. 2016 Biennial Conference, Society for Vocational Psychology, Tallahassee, FL. (National)

    Osborn, D., Belle, J., & McCain, S. (presented 2016, March). Career Development and Mental Health. 2016 Annual Conference, American Counseling Association, Montreal, CA. (National)

    Cantonis, A., Kronholz, J., Osborn, D. S., Finklea, T., & Belle, J. (presented 2015, March). Discover Your APPtitude: Exploring New Technologies to Enhance Counseling Services. Poster presentation at American Counseling Association Annual Conference, American Counseling Association, Orlando, FL. (National)

    Kronholz, J. F., Pawley, E. K., & Hou, P.C. (presented 2015, June).  Celebrating success through creative career counseling.  Presentation at the National Career Development Association Annual Conference, Denver, CO.  (National)

    Osborn, D. S., Finklea, J. T., Kronholz, J. F., & Cantonis, A. M. (presented 2014, March). Tech Savvy Career Counseling. Presentation at American Counseling Association 2014 Annual Conference, American Counseling Association Annual Conference, Honolulu, HI. (National)

    Contactexpand menu

    Dr. Deb Osborn
    Florida State University College of Education
    Department of Educational Psychology and Learning Systems
    3210 Stone Building
    1114 West Call Street
    Tallahassee, FL 32306-4301

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