Dean's Circle

The Dean’s Circle represents a core group of annual donors to the College of Education who understand the value of faculty and student research, and who have the capacity to support the College with a gift of $1,000 a year.

Half of all Dean’s Circle donations will directly fund research grants and outreach opportunities that support the College’s strategic plan, while the other half will create the Dean’s Circle Endowment to grow the program year after year. As such, all Dean’s Circle donations will have both an immediate impact and support the future of education at Florida State.

Dean’s Circle members will receive College updates, invitations to College events, and the opportunity to review faculty and student research and outreach proposals to help select worthy projects for recognition at the annual Marvalene Hughes Research in Education Conference.

Join the Dean’s Circle today online at, or contact Assistant Dean for Development, Kevin Derryberry, at (850) 228-5021 to explore other giving options.

Dean's Circle Catalyst Grants

Dean’s Circle members are invited to participate in the Catalyst Grant selection process each spring. Recipients of Dean’s Circle Catalyst Grants are selected for new research that has the opportunity to change our understanding or approach to the most challenging problems in Education. Previous recipients of the Dean’s Circle Catalyst Grants include:

  • Jenny Root, Special Education
  • David Eccles, Sport Psychology
  • James Du, Sport Management
  • Martin Swanbrow Becker, Counseling and Human Systems
  • Sonia Cabell, Reading Education/Language Arts
  • Jeannine Turner, Educational Psychology

Dean's Circle Members

Dr. Damon P. S. Andrew and Mrs. Tera H. Andrew
Mrs. Carol S. Archer and Mr. James W. Archer
Mrs. Sybil A. Barnett and Mr. John M. Barker
Mr. Dennis P. Brady and Mrs. Loretta E. Brady
Dr. Richard R. Burnette, III and Mrs. Lois I. Burnette
Dr. Pamela S. Carroll
Dr. Charles E. Chick and Mrs. Carol V. Chick
Dr. Kathleen M. Clark and Mr. Todd Clark
Dr. Tim A. Coley and Mrs. Anna C. Coley
Mr. Steven W. Conner and Mrs. Kelly A. Conner
Mrs. Anne S. Daves and Mr. John W. Daves
Mr. Kevin E. D. Derryberry and Mrs. Shekira E. Derryberry
Dr. Marcy P. Driscoll and Mr. Robert E. Driscoll
Dr. Richard J. Federinko
Drs. Ruth S. Feiock and Richard C. Feiock
Dr. Stefanie G. Gall and Mr. Daniel J. Gall
Dr. James L. Gant and Mrs. Gloria W. Gant
Mr. Richard N. Hamlin and Mrs. Anne T. Hamlin
Dr. William B. Heebink and Mrs. Maura A. Heebink
Mrs. Patricia A. Holder and VADM (R) Gordon S. Holder
Dr. Marvalene Hughes
The Estate of Donald D. and Doris B. Jansen
Dr. Frances K. Kochan
Mr. Thomas J. Mills and Mrs. Selby A. Mills
Dr. Imogene M. Mixson
Ms. Patricia J. Rabb
Dr. Robert A. Reiser and Mrs. Linda Reiser
Dr. Linda J. Smith
Mrs. Joan J. Smitherman and Mr. Harold G. Smitherman
Dr. James L. Swanson, Sr. and Dr. Lucille A. Swanson
Mrs. Ellen T. Thornton and Mr. Penrod S. Thornton
Mrs. Karen A. B. Walker and Mr. Sterling G. Walker