Student Leadership Council

COE SLC roster 2021-2022

The College of Education Student Leadership Council (COESLC) is a standing committee of the Office of the Dean to provide for the mutual exchange of ideas and open dialogue between undergraduate and graduate students and the college administration. Monthly meetings offer an opportunity for the College’s leadership to solicit advice and perspectives on decisions affecting matters of importance to students.

Members gain a valuable network with college administration, faculty, staff, and other students while making a significant impact on the College of Education and Florida State University. By serving as a voice of their peers, they not only gain valuable leadership skills but also enhance their reasoning and critical thinking abilities.


Students from programs in the College of Education are self-nominated or nominated by college faculty and staff to serve on the committee for a renewable twelve-month term, from April through April.

The group is composed of a group of goal-oriented, dynamic and responsible students who make a difference by helping to shape the educational experience and understand the complexity of the college. The COESLC aims to have representation on all levels, including a representation of the diversity of the college.

Members will include three representatives from each of the departments of the College of Education: School of Teacher Education, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Educational Psychology and Learning Systems, and Sport Management.

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The SLC Assessment Committee solicits student feedback through on-going and annual surveys.

2016-2017 SLC Annual Report

2015-2016 SLC Annual Report


The SLC Events Committee hosts events each semester for all College of Education students and participates in the planning of COE Week in the Fall.

SLC Student Appreciation Event