Let’s shape the future of education together.

The way you are learning now is not the way your children will learn. Education changes and evolves every day, and as a student at the FSU College of Education, we will prepare you for everything. From advances in educational technology to revolutionary new teaching methods and everything in between, you will be encouraged to challenge and change “the way it’s always been done.” When you leave FSU, you will be one of the leaders who determines “the way it will be done” and you’ll be well-equipped to impact the trajectory of education.




The faculty of the FSU College of Education are pioneers in their respective fields. As a student here, you have the incredible opportunity to learn from them and WITH them. Stand shoulder-to-shoulder with renowned educators and be a part of industry-changing research at the forefront of education.

students practicing VR technology


There’s no denying that technology is an invaluable tool in the classroom. Advanced technology gives students and teachers the ability to access nearly an unlimited number of resources. The FSU College of Education is committed to always having the most advanced teaching technology available for testing and learning. So when you graduate, you will be ready to incorporate the educational tools of tomorrow.