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The objectives of the Hardee Center for Leadership and Ethics in Higher Education are to:

  • Support the professional development of graduate students in higher education through professional development seminars, speakers, travel grants, fellowships, research and publication opportunities, and mentoring programs.
  • Foster the development of future higher education leaders who are committed to public service, ethical responsibility, social justice, and leading with vision and purpose.
  • Promote educational research and professional development in the areas of higher education gender equity, higher education leadership, and ethics.
  • Host national professional meetings on issues related to higher education leadership, ethics, and gender equity.
  • Assist in the development of graduate assistantships for students that offer a wide range of beneficial experiences in various higher education arenas.
  • Promote the “Life Net” of students, alumni, faculty, and friends of the Florida State University Higher Education Program, as well as seek support for future endeavors.
  • Provide consultation and professional services on issues related to the Hardee Center mission and objectives.

The Purpose of the Hardee Center for Leadership & Ethics

Current Projects & Undertakings (coming soon)

The Legacy of Dr. Melvene Draheim Hardee

Supporting Our Students

  • Mentorship Program
  • Hooding Ceremony
    • As our students transition into the next chapter of their lives and careers, the Hardee Center celebrates their successes and achievements by hosting the Hooding Ceremony. The Hooding Ceremony is a much smaller event than the main Graduation Ceremony, recognizing only the master’s and doctoral graduates from the Higher Education Program, which allows us to be a bit more personal and focused on our individual graduates. Following the ceremony, the Hardee Center hosts a reception where our faculty, students, graduates, and loved ones can gather together and celebrate.
  • Resource Library
  • Resume Book
    • Towards the end of every November, the Hardee Center gathers and organizes the resumes and CVs of all our following spring’s graduates, with the purpose of sending this information out to the LifeNet. We believe in the ability of our graduates to serve in countless roles in institutions across the country, and to maximize their potential we utilize our alumni network, the LifeNet, to have more eyes on the lookout for the perfect opportunity.
  • Hardee Fellow Induction Ceremony
    • Each fall, the Hardee Center hosts the Hardee Fellow Induction Ceremony to celebrate the accomplishments of our fellows. For each ceremony, we invite LifeNet members in the area, as well as our future fellows’ assistantship supervisors to join us for both the ceremony and a light reception. During each ceremony, we highlight the history of our program and Dr. Hardee’s influence and a doctoral student or candidate shares some words of wisdom before we recognize each new fellow with a certificate. The Hardee Fellow Induction Ceremony as well as the financial support this award provides our students would not be possible without the support of our LifeNet.
  • Financial Support
    • Hardee Fellowship
    • Carrie G. Hall Scholarship
    • Dissertation Scholarship
    • London Internship Scholarship

The LifeNet

  • What is the LifeNet?
  • Where can you find our alumni?
    • Google map (coming soon)
    • Conferences
  • How can you get involved with the LifeNet?

The LifeNet Newsletter

At least three times a year, the Hardee Center publishes and digitally distributes newsletters. These newsletters contain program updates, announcements and celebrations from our LifeNet, written pieces by our current and former students on their experiences, upcoming events, ways to get involved, and so much more.

Fall 2017 LifeNet Newsletter
Spring 2017 LifeNet Newsletter
Fall 2016 LifeNet Newsletter
Spring 2016 LifeNet Newsletter
Fall 2015 LifeNet Newsletter
Spring 2015 LifeNet Newsletter

Supporting Our Center

Consider making an online contribution through the FSU Foundation.

  • Secure Online Giving Form – The Online Giving form allows you to make a gift using your credit card. All data entered is secured using VeriSign’s 128-bit encryption.
    Note: To designate a gift for the Hardee Center, click More Designations for Gift Designation and type in Hardee Center.

The Hardee Center provides programs and services through the generous support of students, faculty, alumni, and friends. Contributions are invited for the following Hardee Center activities:

  •  Student conference travel and program presentations
  •  Support for graduate student dissertation research
  •  Speakers and guests for Hardee Center professional development programs
  •  Recognition of outstanding student and faculty leadership and scholarship
  •  Special projects
  •  An endowment fund for the Hardee Center

We invite contributions through:

  • Hardee Center annual fund drive (for general operating expenses)
  • FSU Foundation annual fund drive-ensure your gift is designated for the Hardee Center
  • Designated gifts (for support of activities of particular interests by donor)
  • Major gifts (for support of major programs and activities)
  • Endowment fund

If you are interested in supporting the efforts of the Hardee Center for Leadership and Ethics in Higher Education, contact Kevin Derryberry, Assistant Dean for Development, at (850) 644-0565. Contributions may be tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law. Please consult a tax specialist for details of your own situation.

Contact Us

Michaela Shenberger, Associate Director
Dr. Kathy Guthrie, Director

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