Tips From An Online Master's Student: How to Balance School, Work & Life

Jennie Kroeger

Attending graduate school online can help you achieve your academic and professional goals and is usually a huge steps towards bettering your career. By knowing where you are going and how to get there, you can make strides in the right direction while enjoying what you do. So, to maintain a work-study-life balance, we recommend keeping to these five rules given to us by some of our current grad students.

1. Work Efficiently , .

46% of online students admit that they enrolled in an online program to advance their current careers. Whether you work full- or part-time while you go to school, you should maximize your productivity by minimizing schedule conflicts. Maintain a balanced approach to completing job- and school-related tasks. You will never have to sacrifice your career if you plan ahead.

2. Study Routinely

Everyone knows that routine study is important in college. Obtaining a degree online is becoming more mainstream. By 2019, it is estimated that 50% of classes worldwide will be online. Online Masters Degree School-Life Balance Tips Take these steps for study success:

  • Attend class every day
  • Be sure to communicate with your instructor
  • Take and review thorough notes
  • Participate in any available class discussions

Above all, stay focused on target dates, such as tests, projects, and holidays, by maintaining a monthly calendar in addition to a daily schedule.

3. Socialize Responsibly

All study and no leisure will put a damper on your studies. To avoid this, take time to:

  • Appreciate the company of others
  • Enjoy hobbies
  • Attend events (like sports, concerts, etc.)
  • Satisfy your interests

In addition, don't ignore the benefits of social media to network and build useful channels of communication online.

4. Enjoy Family

Because family matters, you will have to find moments to spend with family members, especially if you're attending graduate school online from home with a family. When you would otherwise be on a brick and mortar campus, being an online student allows you the flexibility to make time for family get-togethers. To balance family and academic needs, it may be necessary to lighten your course load so that you don't neglect those responsibilities.

5. Center Yourself

College can be a stressful place, so you should resolve to be more relaxed and self-assured. Having a proper diet and following an adequate exercise regimen is necessary for coping with stress. In addition, you can keep a journal for personal thoughts and ideas. To get through your online degree program, make extra effort to follow these five important tips. Your work-study-life balance depends on how you set your goals and what you consistently do to achieve them.

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