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  • Online Master's Degree in Curriculum & Instruction

    Online Master's in Curriculum and Instruction

    The online master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) is designed for current educators who are committed to improving their instructional effectiveness and becoming teacher leaders. The program assists educators in better understanding and addressing:

    • the needs of the diverse students they serve;
    • the dynamic policy environment represented by new state and local standards; and
    • research-based instructional approaches and supports that are available to teachers in the 21st century.

    Students in the program will use their teaching context as sites to explore the ideas, techniques, technology, and approaches introduced in the program to determine their local effectiveness. Participation in the program will require educators to be committed to honing their knowledge of students, content, and standards. This will be accomplished by participants examining their own knowledge, abilities, and educational effectiveness through the use of data collected from their practice. These data will then be interpreted using the theoretical and methodological tools introduced in the program. Online mentors will also be available to help teachers navigate the program.

    Students begin the program in the fall semester as graduate students. The core courses of this online program, most of which are offered in an asynchronous format, are designed to accommodate teachers’ varied work schedules. There is some opportunity for face-to-face interaction depending on the courses in the major and electives selected.

    The online master’s program requires a minimum of 33 credit hours of graduate coursework (11 three-credit hour courses) and a portfolio (zero credit hours) the last summer of the program. Coursework can be completed on a part-time basis in approximately two years, as students typically complete two 3-credit hour courses per semester. The program consists of seven core 3-credit hour courses taught in succession from Fall of Year 1 to Spring of Year 2. The remaining four courses can be scheduled to accommodate individual interests and areas of focus. The program culminates in the production and defense of a Portfolio in the summer of Year 2. The overall program of study will be determined by the student and the student’s faculty advisor from the major area of study.

    Core courses:

    • Fall of Year 1: EDG 5339 Making Sense of Data to Inform Instruction
    • Spring of Year 1: EDG 5345 Using Assessments in the PK-12 Classroom to Differentiate Instruction
    • Fall of Year 2: EDG 5206 Teachers as Informed Curriculum Decision Makers
    • Spring of Year 2: EDG 5342 Analyzing and Refining Teaching

    In addition, these core courses are offered in the summer semester:

    • EDG 5709 Culturally Responsive Teaching
    • EME 5050 Teaching and Technology
    • EEX 5089 Adaptations and Accommodations for Learners with Disabilities


    Majors and potential coursework in addition to the core courses

    Elementary Educationexpand menu

    Elementary Education Elective Courses:

    • EDE 5324 Promoting Thinking in the Elementary School
    • EDE 5225 The Elementary School, K-6
    • EDE 5266 Current Issues and Trends in Elementary Education

    Other electives negotiated with program advisor

    English Educationexpand menu

    English Education Elective Courses:

    • LAE 4348 Teaching Multiliteracies (Spring, even years)
    • LAE 5637 Problems and Trends in English Education (Fall, even years)
    • LAE 5696 Participatory Culture in Literacy and Learning (Fall, odd years)
    • LAE 5908 Directed Individual Study (Spring, odd years)

    Other options:

    • LAE 5364 Survey of British Literature for English Teachers (Summer, even years)
    • LAE 5927 Teachers as writers (Spring, odd years)

    Mathematics Educationexpand menu

    Mathematics Education Elective Courses:

    • MAE 5865 Using History in the Teaching of Mathematics (Spring, odd years)
    • MAE 5691 Mathematics Teaching and Learning (Fall, even years)
    • EEX 5246 Mathematics for Learners with Disabilities (Spring, odd years) 

    Other electives negotiated with program advisor

    Science Educationexpand menu

    Science Education Elective Courses:

    • SCE 5642 Science Teaching and Educational Policy (Summer, odd years)
    • SCE 5340 Science Teaching and Learning (Spring, even years)

    Other options:

    • SCE 5905 Directed Individual Studies in Science Education
    • EDP 5216 Theories of Learning and Cognition in Instruction
    • EDP 5217 Principles of Learner Motivation

    Science content courses negotiated with program advisor

    Social Science Educationexpand menu

    Social Studies Education Elective Courses:

    See program advisor for recommendations for social studies content courses.

    Special Educationexpand menu

    Special Education Elective Courses:

    • EEX 5239 Literacy for Learners with Disabilities (Fall, even years)
    • EEX 5248 Positive Behavior Support (Fall, odd years)
    • EEX 5246 Mathematics for Learners with Disabilities (Spring, odd years)
    • EEX 5931 Research in Special Education (Spring, even years)

    Other electives negotiated with program advisor


    Please note: This program does not lead to teacher certification as it is an advanced program designed for current teachers. Courses will be offered when resources are available.


    For more information, contact the School of Teacher Education.


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    Did you know? The FSU College of Education is currently ranked #3 in the nation for online graduate programs.



    View our program newsletter here!

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