College Teaching

The graduate certificate in College Teaching will give you the knowledge and skills needed to be an effective teacher at the college and university level. The certificate courses will prepare you in essential areas of postsecondary teaching, including educational frameworks, instructional strategies, assessment approaches, learning theories, and classroom management. By the end of the program, you’ll be able to design college courses, develop assessments, and use theory and research to address educational issues.

Admission Requirements

Any individual who 1) has an undergraduate degree and 2) is eligible to enroll as a non-degree seeking student, or who qualifies for graduate admission to the university, is eligible to apply for admission to the certificate in College Teaching.

Step 1: Apply for admission to the University (select one)

Step 2: Complete Admissions Form 

Admission to a graduate certificate program is required. Students are not enrolled in a certificate program by virtue of being enrolled in related courses; you must apply to and be admitted to the certificate program in order to be considered enrolled.

Admission to College of Education (COE) graduate certificate programs requires submission of the Certificate Admissions Form to the appropriate department Certificate Program Coordinator and to the COE Office of Academic Services and Intern Support (OASIS) prior to the completion of two courses in the certificate program. The Certificate Admissions Form must identify the courses and anticipated semesters you intend to take them to fulfill certificate requirements.

Course Requirements

The following are required courses (total of 12 credit hours):

  • EDP 5216 Theories of Learning and Cognition (offered asynchronously online every semester)
  • EDF 5431 Classroom Assessment (offered asynchronously online usually during summer)
  • EDH 5305 College Teaching: Instruction in Higher Education (offered face-to face or synchronously online on Wednesday mornings in fall only)
  • EDF 6755 Theoretical and Practical Issues in Education (offered asynchronously online during spring only; it is strongly recommended that EDP 5216 be completed before taking this course)

Up to 12 hours of this certificate may be counted toward a graduate degree in Educational Psychology: Learning and Cognition.

The certificate requires 12 graduate credits to be earned within a seven-year period. Transfer credits are not accepted. A minimum of 3.25 grade point average is required and no course grade lower than a B will count toward the certificate.

After all certificate coursework is completed, but no later than two weeks after grades post, a Certificate Completion Form must be filled out and submitted to the Certificate Program Coordinator. Approved completion forms will be forwarded for processing and the certificate will be posted to your official transcript.

Program Costs

Information about tuition and fees can be found here. Please note that students may incur costs associated with the purchase of books/materials for courses.

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