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  • For Graduate Students

    The OASIS Graduate Director maintains accurate records for COE graduate students. This includes all administrative paperwork related to graduate study. All graduate students are encouraged to read and keep a working copy of their particular degree level’s “Requirements/Program Planning Information” (see below). The information has been designed to assist graduate students in the steps and milestones required to achieve their degree. Located below are printable copies of forms graduate students will need to fulfill the requirements of their programs. Also included below are the current semester’s deadlines for particular forms to be submitted to OASIS.

    The official method of communication at Florida State University is your FSU e-mail account. In order to stay informed and aware, you are required to set up and maintain your account and check it three times per week. If you choose to have your official FSU account forwarded to another e-mail account, you are still held responsible for all information distributed by the University to your FSU account.


    Graduate Student Deadlines:


    To use DocuSign to obtain signatures on the forms listed on this page, follow the login instructions below.

    1. Go to docusign.fsu.edu
    2. Sign in with your FSUID and password

    Forms for All Studentsexpand menu

    FSU Graduate School

    The Graduate School offers information on funding opportunities, news and events, electronic thesis and dissertation (ETD) guidelines, degree programs and certificate programs, fee waivers, as well as links to staff contact information, a searchable scholarship database, important forms for students and much more.

    All Electronic Thesis, Treatise and Dissertation content and information can be found on The Graduate School’s website: http://gradschool.fsu.edu/academics-research/thesis-treatise-dissertation.

    Frequently Asked Questionsexpand menu

    I have to drop/add a class, what do I do?

    During the first four days of classes, students have an open add/drop period in which they can add and drop courses. Students are financially liable for any fees that appear on their schedule at the close of the add/drop period. After the add/drop period, administrative staff are able to drop students’ courses through the SEVENTH week of classes, per University policy. After the seventh week of classes, courses may ONLY be dropped due to exceptional circumstances. Such courses will appear on the student’s transcript with the notation, “WD.” If students wish to drop a course after the seventh week of classes, they must contact the COE Graduate Director, Lisa Beverly.

    I passed my prelim exam early in the semester, can I now add dissertation hours?
    A student cannot add dissertation hours during the semester in which prelims are passed. However, as long as the prelim exam is passed by the end of the seventh week of the semester, he/she may swap out DIS hours for dissertation hours. DIS hours are the only hours which can be switched to dissertation hours. Please contact the COE Graduate for further information.

    I passed my prelim exam after the seventh week of the semester and am now a doctoral candidate, but I cannot register for dissertation hours next semester.
    Although you have passed prelims, you are not technically a doctoral candidate until your professor submits your grade at the close of the semester. This means that you will not be able to register for dissertation hours during your pre-registration window. Knowing that you are going to register for dissertation hours during the add/drop period at the beginning of the following semester, it is recommended that you build a schedule by simply registering for a course. On the first day of the add/drop period, you will add dissertation hours and drop the course. In doing so, you will avoid a $100 late registration fee.

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