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  • LRC Reservations and Policies

    The LRC is available for College of Education faculty, staff, students, and alumni only. There are other centers and computer facilities around the campus for non-COE students to do their computer work. Students are asked to present their FSU card at the entrance.

    We make reservations for some of the COE conference rooms. We have 12 rooms that can be reserved for meetings, study groups, video conferencing, dissertation defenses, and other academic and research activities. Please contact the Office Manager at your department for more details.

    LRC staff can reserve for you the following STB conference rooms:

    • 1302A (10 seats)
    • 1302 B (5 seats)
    • 2206 A (12-25 seats)
    • 2206 D (10 seats)

    Please use the online system to reserve spaces and/or equipment.

    Legal and ethical obligation towards software: Please do not attempt to install or download any software on the LRC computers. Violators will be banned from using the LRC equipment.

    If you would like to install software for your class in the labs complete a work request and provide the following:

    • Software media
    • License agreement (specifying how many copies it covers)
    • Installation instructions

    Please allow 5 business days for the software installation if the request is approved.

    No food and drink products/containers are allowed inside the lab rooms for anyone- students, faculty, or staff. No exceptions!

    Printing: LRC and Tully computers print to the FSU printers installed in the labs or any FSU printer within two hours of sending a print job (eight cents a page). Other printing options can be viewed here.

    Students should bring data storage devices (flash drives, cd/dvd) to save their work or use alternative methods for saving. No work should be saved on the lab computers.

    LRC staff are not responsible for completing student’s homework or teaching them how to work with particular software packages. LRC staff will gladly assist students with troubleshooting, locating resources, and referring students to various sources of information.

    Students are not allowed to enter labs that are closed due to class sessions. A sign will be posted stating that it is closed. Students are advised to consult weekly schedules that are posted outside labs in order to plan accordingly.

    Please turn your cell phone ringer off while using the LRC.

    Please be considerate of others and do not talk loudly. If you are working on a group project, please be quiet and do not disturb others. 1302 STB is a good place to work in groups.

    No pets, except for Seeing Eye dogs, are allowed in the LRC.

    All COE faculty, students, and staff are to comply with FSU IT policies and network guidelines.

    Please help us to take care of our facilities by not damaging equipment, writing on desks, etc. Students who deface university property will be reported to the proper authorities and will lose their privileges to use the LRC.

    Lost and Found
    We have a lost and found drawer if you are missing anything that you might have left behind. Please ask an LRC staff member to check the lost and found for you missing item.

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