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Florida State’s bachelor’s degree in Sport Management is designed to provide you with an introductory understanding of the sport industry. The coursework includes a focus on the applied aspects of Sport Management, and you’ll also gain knowledge of current industry literature, both applied and research-based. You can tailor the program to your own interests through a variety of electives related to business, recreation, and other disciplines. Our program provides you with the academic foundation necessary to pursue a graduate degree in Sport Management or to pursue an entry-level position in the sport industry. Sport Management faculty members have developed and continue to develop relationships with many successful alumni who provide a professional experience for our students in various forms (graduate assistantships, internship/volunteer partnerships, class/conference speakers, etc.).

Core classes – These courses cover a range of approved content areas and focus on combining theoretical understanding with practical applications for various aspects of managing in the sport industry. There are ten core classes (30 credit hours).

Electives – Electives give you the opportunity to focus on a particular area of the sport industry that interests you. There are courses specific to collegiate athletics, courses that focus on the broader industry, and sociocultural courses focusing on current issues in the industry as a whole. For the undergraduate Sport Management program, you must complete 18 credit hours of departmental electives, and 12 credit hours of electives that may come from courses outside the department.

Practicum – You’ll have the opportunity to complete a culminating practical experience in the program, allowing you to apply what you’ve learned in the real world. Experiences include part-time and full-time, volunteer and paid, and can occur almost anywhere. Practicum settings have included collegiate athletic departments, intramural departments, professional sport teams, professional sport leagues, private and public sector organizations, entrepreneurial endeavors, and many more. While the practicum is not required to graduate, it is encouraged so that you can have real-world experience to add to your résumé. The practicum and volunteer experiences also give you the opportunity to network with sport industry professionals. Check out highlights from our trip to the NCAA Final Four in Tampa here!



Additionally, you have the option to enroll in the combined B.S./M.S. pathway in Sport Management. This pathway allows you to complete 12 graduate credit hours of coursework that will count towards both your bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Additionally, you will complete practicum and service hours, which helps you connect to current sport management professionals as well as gain work experience.

Students who complete the combined pathway enter the workforce with more training and a real-world understanding of the industry and thus are better prepared for non-entry level jobs. Particularly as the sport management industry becomes more competitive, students interested in more training and preparation should consider completing a master’s degree to have a competitive advantage.



As a Sport Management major at FSU, you can also participate in the Global Sport Management program, which is a study abroad program that features a number of exciting opportunities for students interested in international and global aspects of the sport industry. You will have the chance to attend sporting events, meet with executives from various sport organizations, tour some of the United Kingdom’s most famous sporting venues, and learn about the global sport industry. Check out our video below and visit FSU’s International Programs’ website to learn more.



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Admission Requirements

All prospective students must meet the following minimum requirements for admission:


  • Minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA in all attempted college coursework
  • Completion of at least 60 credit hours of college coursework
  • Completion of FSU General Education Requirements or an AA degree from a Florida public college.
  • Completion of 9 credit hours of electives in any of the following prefixes: ACG, ADV, BUL, CGS, COM, ECO, FIN, GEB, HFT, MAN, MAR, MMC, ORI, PET, PUR, REE, RMI, RTV, SDS, SPC, or STA with a C- or better.

IMPORTANT: All admission requirements should be completed by the end of spring semester of the Sophomore year.


The combined BS/MS degree pathway provides an opportunity for academically talented students to earn both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Sport Management. The BS/MS pathway requires two years of upper-division undergraduate coursework plus one additional year of graduate coursework. Students interested in pursuing the combined BS/MS pathway must satisfy the admission requirements of the standalone bachelor’s program (listed above) as well as the following:

  • Be a junior in good standing, or an upper-division Honors student
  • Have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA in all attempted college coursework


  • Transfer students must satisfy the university’s minimum requirements for admission, including demonstration of satisfactory academic progress, college-level English and mathematics proficiency, and world language proficiency.
  • Transfer students must submit current official transcripts to the Office of Admissions by March 1. Your transcripts must show that you have satisfied or are on track to satisfy the admission requirements listed above. Our evaluation of your application will be based on the transcripts we have on file as of March 1. You can check the status of your transcripts through the Online Status Check (OSC).

Application Deadline & How to Apply

Applications are accepted for the Fall term only and are due March 1. All application materials including your university application, departmental application and current official transcripts must be received by March 1.

Current FSU Students:

  1. Apply online to Sport Management.

Transfer Students:

  1. Apply online to Florida State University. You can check the status of your University application online at the Online Status Check Portal.
  2. Apply online to Sport Management.

Degree Requirements

Program of Study Forms and Course Guidelines

For specific degree requirements, please see the FSU Academic Guide.

Scholarships & Aid

The FSU College of Education offers over $550,000 in scholarship and fellowship opportunities – more than any other public College of Education in the state of Florida. On top of that, the state of Florida is nationally ranked in the top 2 for lowest tuition. The tuition at Florida State University is an even better bargain compared to other public research universities. You can find information about tuition at FSU here.

Career Opportunities

The sport industry has many opportunities for bachelor’s degree graduates interested in professional sports, college or high school sports, elite amateur athletics, community sport programming, sport in the corporate sector and sport for development – just to name a few. As the sport industry continues to grow, new career opportunities are becoming available in areas such as business, recreation, facility, and event management. Sport professionals find themselves in a unique and rewarding industry that crosses paths with many other industries. View our active alumni base here!

Program Course Sequence

For specific program course information, please see the FSU Academic Guide.



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