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  • School Psychology Practice Improvement Research Team


    The primary purpose of our research is to improve the practice of school psychology. This is accomplished through research in school psychology training, assessment, and intervention practices, specifically in the field of social-emotional/behavioral skills with a particular emphasis in the use of emerging technologies. The end goal of this research is to produce excellent school psychology practitioners as well as to improve the tools that they use in their work.

    There are three overarching areas of research conducted by the team to meet these goals:

    • The needs of school psychologists who are working with culturally and linguistically diverse students
    • The technology-based tools used by schools when working with students
    • Evaluating the assessments used to collect diagnostic data.

    These three goals merge in the eventual plans for the team to develop computer-based, multi-lingual, diagnostic tests.

    Research Team Membersexpand menu

    Current Faculty Members

    Kathleen Krach, Ph.D. is an assistant professor at Florida State University. Prior to her work at FSU, she was faculty at both Troy University (in Alabama) and UNLV (in Nevada). At each of the three universities, she has a history of publishing with students.  The current information on this website regarding publications only applies to students at Florida State University on her research team. For more information on publications with other student members at other universities, please see her CV here.

    Michael P. McCreery, Ph.D. is an assistant professor at UNLV.  He has been a faculty member at the University of Arkansas Little Rock prior to his current appointment. Dr. McCreery was one of Dr. Krach’s doctoral students when she was faculty at UNLV. From this early work, Dr. McCreery has gone on to publish over a dozen works with Dr. Krach across the past decade.

    Current Student Members (2016-2017)

    Latoya Brown (Ph.D. program)
    Danielle Eftaxas (Ph.D. program)
    James Gardiner (Ed.S. program)
    Jessika Guerard (Ph.D. program)
    Erica Harris (Ed.S. program)
    Dasha Highsmith (Ph.D. program)
    Brian Mullin (Ed.S. program)
    Sarah Navarro (Ed.S. program)

    Current or Previous FSU Students with Peer-Reviewed Publications

    Christen Cirks (Ed.S. program)
    Shannon Focaracci (Ed.S. program)
    Jessika Guerard (Ph.D. program)
    Houra Mohammadiamin (Ph.D. program)
    Hillary Rimel (Ed.S. program)
    Ye Wang (Ph.D. program)
    Raven Wilcox (undergraduate)

    Current or Previous FSU Students with National Presentations

    Brian Mullin (Ed.S. program)
    Danielle Eftaas (Ph.D. program)
    Jessika Guerard (Ph.D. program)
    Hillary Rimel (Ed.S. program)
    Erica Vazquez (Ed.S. program)

    Research Publicationsexpand menu

    Krach, S. K., McCreery, M. P., Wang, Y., Mohammadiamin, H., & Cirks, C. K. (2016, online). Diagnostic utility of the Social Skills Improvement System Performance Screening Guide (SSIS-PSG). Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment.  doi: 10.1177/0734282916636500

    Krach, S. K., McCreery, M. P., & Rimel, H. (in press). Examining teachers’ behavioral management charts: A comparison of Class Dojo and paper-pencil methods. Contemporary School Psychology. doi: 10.1007/s40688-016-0111-0

    Krach, S. K., McCreery, M. P., Wilcox, R., & Focaracci, S. (in press). Positive behavioral supports: Empirically supported use of behavioral logs. Intervention in School and Clinic.

    Krach, S. K., McCreery, M. P., & Guerard, J. (in press). Cultural-linguistic test adaptations: Guidelines for selection, alteration, use, and review. School Psychology International.

    Conference Presentationsexpand menu

    Guerard, J., Krach, S. K., Eftaxas, D., Mullin, B., Dennis, L., & McCreery, M. P. (accepted). Anxiety, performance, and gender: Q-Interactive vs. paper-based testing. Presentation to be given at 2017 Convention, National Association of School Psychologists, San Antonio, TX.

    Krach, S. K., McCreery, M. P., & Rimel, H. (accepted). Behavioral management charts: Comparing Class Dojo and paper-pencil methods. Presentation to be given at 2017 Convention, National Association of School Psychologists, San Antonio, TX.

    Krach, S. K., Doss, K. M., McCreery, M. P., & Vazquez, E. (presented 2015). Best practice in multilingual assessment: Examining the use of translated versions of social, emotional, and behavioral scales. Poster presentation at Marvalene Hughes: Research in Education, College of Education at Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL.

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