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  • Hardee Center for Leadership and Ethics in Higher Education

    melvene hardy

    The objectives of the Hardee Center for Leadership and Ethics in Higher Education are to:

    • Support the professional development of graduate students in higher education through professional development seminars, speakers, travel grants, fellowships, research and publication opportunities, and mentoring programs.
    • Foster the development of future higher education leaders who are committed to public service, ethical responsibility, social justice, and leading with vision and purpose.
    • Promote educational research and professional development in the areas of higher education gender equity, higher education leadership, and ethics.
    • Host national professional meetings on issues related to higher education leadership, ethics, and gender equity.
    • Assist in the development of graduate assistantships for students that offer a wide range of beneficial experiences in various higher education arenas.
    • Promote the “Life Net” of students, alumni, faculty, and friends of the Florida State University Higher Education Program, as well as seek support for future endeavors.
    • Provide consultation and professional services on issues related to the Hardee Center mission and objectives.


    The Legacy of Dr. Melvene Draheim Hardeeexpand menu

    Board of Directorsexpand menu

    The Hardee Center Board – Your LifeNet is composed of past students, colleagues and friends of Dr. Melvene Draheim Hardee that are committed to keeping her incredible legacy alive at Florida State University. The board significantly influences the growth and direction of the Hardee Center by directing targeted philanthropic activities and acting as advocates for the advancement of the Center.

    Board of Directors

    Hardee Fellowsexpand menu

    Hardee Fellows

    Hardee Fellows are graduate students who achieve a 3.8 overall GPA and have completed 18 credit hours at Florida State University. Hardee Fellows are named each fall at the Hardee Induction Ceremony and honored at the commencement ceremony in the spring. Fellows are eligible for Hardee Center travel and research grants where funding allows.

    Hardee Supervisors/Mentors

    Hardee Supervisors/Mentors are individuals who supervise higher education graduate students in assistantships and who agree to mentor the students in their professional development. A Supervisor/Mentor is encouraged to participate with his/her student in Hardee Center activities and is encouraged to build a strong professional and mentoring relationship with students.

    2017-2018 Hardee Fellows

    Master’s Students

    Tia Akins
    Jacqueline Chiari
    Alex Cohn
    Darrell Deas
    Courtney Durbin
    Gabrielle Garrard
    Derek Goeglein
    Kaitlyn Gore
    Audrey Graser
    Chrishelda Green
    Jacqueline Hare
    Elizabeth Harris
    Jeremy Hudak
    Connor Jones
    Matthew Kilduff
    Maria Martinez
    Daniel McBurney
    Hannah Meister
    Carlo Morante
    Amy Novotny
    Amanda Peerce
    Marile Quintana
    Zoya Quraishi
    Jane Rodriguez
    Amie Runk
    Danielle Sebranek
    Dale Shanklin
    Michaela Shenberger
    Aubrey Winn

    Doctoral Students

    Alan Acosta
    Danielle Morgan Acosta
    Marshall Anthony, Jr.
    Craig Beebe
    Robyn Brock
    Emily Burgess
    V. Chunoo
    Jesse Ford
    Jennifer Farinella
    Kellie Gerbers
    Kenneth Gloeckner
    Eric Godin
    Jason Guilbeau
    Jamaal Harrison
    Xinye Hu
    Aletha Kilgore
    David Kenton
    Steven Kleuver
    Dawn Matthews
    Daniel Marshall
    Susannah Marshman
    LaFarin Meriwether
    Jason Montalvo
    Shermin Murji
    Chandra Myrick
    Samantha Nix
    Monique Ositelu
    Allison Peters
    Alishia Piotrowski
    DaShay Portis
    Sophia Rahming
    Daniel Sheets
    Dorsey Spencer
    Tadarrayl Starke
    Erin Sylvester
    Trisha Teig
    Maritza Torres
    Erica Wiborg
    Teng Zhao

    Support the Legacyexpand menu

    Consider making an online contribution through the FSU Foundation.

    • Secure Online Giving Form – The Online Giving form allows you to make a gift using your credit card. All data entered is secured using VeriSign’s 128-bit encryption.
      Note: To designate a gift for the Hardee Center, click More Designations for Gift Designation and type in Hardee Center.

    The Hardee Center provides programs and services through the generous support of students, faculty, alumni, and friends. Contributions are invited for the following Hardee Center activities:

    •  Student conference travel and program presentations
    •  Support for graduate student dissertation research
    •  Speakers and guests for Hardee Center professional development programs
    •  Recognition of outstanding student and faculty leadership and scholarship
    •  Special projects
    •  Endowment fund for the Hardee Center

    We invite contributions through:

    • Hardee Center annual fund drive (for general operating expenses)
    • FSU Foundation annual fund drive-ensure your gift is designated for the Hardee Center
    • Designated gifts (for support of activities of particular interests by donor)
    • Major gifts (for support of major programs and activities)
    • Endowment fund

    If you are interested in supporting the efforts of the Hardee Center for Leadership and Ethics in Higher Education, contact Kevin Derryberry, Assistant Dean for Development, at (850) 644-0565. Contributions may be tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law. Please consult a tax specialist for details of your own situation.

    Contact Usexpand menu

    Michaela Shenberger, Associate Director
    Dr. Kathy Guthrie, Director

    Hardee Center for Leadership and Ethics in Higher Education
    1204L Stone Building
    1114 W. Call Street
    Tallahassee, FL 32306-4452
    (850) 644-5867
    (850) 644-1258 (fax) 

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