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  • Latest Faculty Research Initiatives

    With almost $15 million in expenditures this past fiscal year, the College of Education continues to grow in our research efforts. Below you’ll find the current research projects being conducted by our faculty. You can also learn more about our research initiatives on our blog.

    “Autism-Related Characteristics in College STEM Students: Prevalence, Performance, and Mediation”

    PI: Dr. Brad Cox
    Funding Agency: NSF IUSE
    The study examines the possibility that formal disability accommodations could help autistic college students leverage their unique characteristics to complete their STEM degrees, enter the workforce, and contribute to the national economy. Learn more.

    “Evaluation of Florida’s Developmental Education Redesign”

    PIs: Dr. Shouping Hu, Dr. Toby Park, Dr. Tamara Bertrand Jones
    Funding Agency: USDOE/IES
    This study will examine the developmental education redesign implementation and evaluate the impacts of the redesign on student postsecondary success. The results of the proposed project will not only influence the trajectory of developmental education in Florida, but also throughout the country. Learn more.

    “Noles Care in Academics – Enhancing Suicide Prevention In Florida State University Academic Departments”

    PI: Dr. Martin Swanbrow Becker
    Funding Agency: DHHS
    This project aims to enhance existing campus suicide prevention interventions by providing more accessible resources to academic departments and training faculty, staff, and students across the FSU campus. Learn more.

    “Teachers of Inquiry Mathematics: Establishing Supports (TIMES)”

    PI: Dr. Christine Andrews-Larson
    Funding Agency: NSF
    The project aims to support instructors across the U.S. who are attempting to implement inquiry-oriented instruction in core upper division mathematics courses. Learn more.

    “Critical Initiatives in Visual Impairment Project (CIVI)”

    PI: Dr. Sandra Lewis
    Funding Agency: FLDOE
    The goal of this project is to Increase the supply of teachers of students with visual impairments and individuals who possess the knowledge, competencies, and skills to provide orientation and mobility services to students with visual impairments. Learn more.

    “Improving Results to Students with Visual Impairments Through Interdisciplinary Personnel Preparation”

    PIs: Dr. Sandra Lewis
    Funding Agency: USDOE
    The purpose of this proposed five-year project is to improve the quality and increase the number of highly qualified personnel who are fully credentialed to serve students with visual impairments birth to age 21 years. Learn more.

    “National Leadership Consortium in Sensory Disabilities”

    PIs: Dr. Sandra Lewis
    Salus University/IES
    The Subcontractor agrees to facilitate completion of the Award Fellow’s or Fellows’ doctoral study within four years of full-time study and to assure Award Fellow participation in the value-added enrichment program provided by the Award. Learn more.

    “Assessment of the Florida College and Career Readiness Initiative”

    PI: Dr. Christine Mokher
    Funding Agency: CNA/IES
    This project focuses on the assessment of the Florida College and Career Readiness Initiative (FCCRI). Learn more.

    “RUI: Transforming Instruction in Undergraduate Mathematics via Primary Historical Sources”

    PI: Dr. Kathy Clark
    Funding Agency: NSF IUSE
    This project focuses on undergraduate instruction in mathematics via primary historical sources. Learn more.

    “Center for Postsecondary Success Florida Measurement and Evaluation Partnership”

    PIs: Dr. Shouping Hu, Dr. Toby Park, Dr. Tamara Bertrand Jones
    Funding Agency: Gates Foundation
    This project aims to expand our measurement and research capacity within Florida and across focus states. It will also strengthen the mutual capacity of data and research organizations within Florida to study and disseminate actionable evidence on Florida postsecondary education outcomes and reforms. Learn more.

    “Improving Student Academic and Non-Cognitive Outcomes Through Personalization for Academic And Social Emotional Learning”

    PI: Dr. Stacey Rutledge
    Funding Agency: i3 USDOE
    This five-year Development project, with Competitive Preference Priority, will develop and expand Personalization for Academic and Social Emotional Learning (PASL), a systemic school-based intervention in which administrators, guidance counselors, and teachers intentionally and deliberately attend to students’ academic, social emotional, and behavioral needs, into a replicable and scalable program. Learn more.

    “Teaching and Learning Algebraic Thinking Across the Middle Grades: A Research-Based Approach Using PhET Interactive Simulations”

    Co-PI: Dr. Ian Whitacre
    Funding Agency: NSF DRK12
    This project will help middle school math teachers teach math by engaging students in math-related activities via interactive computer simulations. Learn more.

    “Investigating Relationships between STEM Teacher Preparation, Instructional Quality, and Teacher Persistence”

    PI: Dr. Courtney Preston, Co-PIs: Dr. Miray Tekkumru-Kisa, Dr. Sherry Southerland, Dr. Joseph Travis
    Funding Agency: NSF
    This project will investigate the quality of instruction and persistence of undergraduate Robert Noyce Scholars produced by each of the seven institutions. Learn more.

    “Learning Through Collaborative Design (LCD): Professional Development to Foster Productive Epistemic Discourse in Science”

    PI: Dr. Sherry Southerland, Co-PIs: Dr. Lama Jaber, Dr. Zahid Kisa, Dr. Miray Tekkumru-Kisa, Dr. D. Ellen Granger
    Funding Agency: NSF
    This project will investigate the role of collaborative design in supporting teachers’ professional growth around productive epistemic discourse in high school science classrooms. Learn more.

    “Improving the Preparation of Professionals Serving Students with Visual Impairments, Including Those Who Have Additional Disabilities”

    PIs: Dr. Sandra Lewis and Dr. Sarah Ivy
    Funding Agency: USDOE
    The project proposes to prepare educators of students with visual impairments at the undergraduate and graduate level to provide educational services to students who are blind or who have low vision, including students with severe disabilities. Learn more.

    “Partial and Multilevel Effect Sizes in Meta-analysis”

    PI: Dr. Betsy Becker
    Funding Agency: NSF
    This project focuses on the development and study of partial effect-size indices for results of single and multilevel regression analyses. It will also examine the suitability of the indices for use in meta-analysis. Learn more.

    “PEEP – Personnel Preparation in Early Intervention & Education Project”

    PI: Dr. Mary Frances Hanline
    Funding Agency: USDOE
    This project aims to improve the quality and increase the number of personnel who are fully credentialed to serve children with disabilities birth to age five years. Learn more.

    “Virtual Reality-Based Social Skill Training for Children with Asperger’s Syndrome”

    PI: Dr. Fengfeng Ke
    Funding Agency: Spencer Foundation
    In this research project, investigators will develop and examine the feasibility of using a 3D, virtual reality (VR)-based social skill training program in after-school settings, and investigate its effectiveness in improving the social interaction and communication skills of children with AS. Learn more.

    “NRT-IGE: Mixed Reality Integrated Teaching Training for STEM Graduate Teaching Assistants”

    PI: Dr. Fengfeng Ke
    Funding Agency: NSF
    This project will enhance the formal and informal teaching training of the graduate students in participating science departments: Chemistry & Biochemistry, Computer Science, and Physics. Learn more.

    “Mathematical Learning via Architectural Design and Modeling Using E-Rebuild”

    PI: Dr. Fengfeng Ke, Co-PIs: Dr. Russell Almond, Dr. Valerie Shute, Dr. Kathy Clark, Dr. Gordon Erlebacher
    Funding Agency: NSF
    This study will investigate whether and how participating in three-dimensional architectural design and modeling via a simulation game-based learning platform will support integrated math representation and active problem solving for middle school students. Learn more.

    “Identifying an Effective and Scalable Model of Lesson Study”

    PI: Dr. Motoko Akiba
    Funding Agency: NSF
    This project investigates the variation in teachers’ practice of lesson study to identify effective and scalable design features of lesson study associated with student mathematics achievement growth in Florida. Learn more.

    “Preparation of Special Education, Early Intervention, and Related Services Leadership”

    PIs: Dr. Mary Frances Hanline, Dr. Kelly Whalon, Dr. Elizabeth Jakubowski, Dr. Sherry Southerland
    Funding Agency: USDOE
    This project focuses on special education personnel development to improve services and results for children with disabilities.

    “DIP: Game-based Assessment and Support of STEM-related Competencies”

    PI: Dr. Valerie Shute, Co-PIs: Dr. Fengfeng Ke, Dr. Russell Almond
    Funding Agency: NSF
    This project aims to develop several types of formal learning supports, and all of them will be compatible with and can be constructed using the sketching interface. Learn more.

    “Interpersonal Coordination and Coregulation during Collaborative Problem Solving”

    PI: Dr. Valerie Shute
    Funding Agency: NSF
    This project will explore how interpersonal interactions influence the processes and outcomes of collaborative problem solving in digital STEM learning of high school and college students. Learn more.

    “Exploring Adaptive Cognitive and Affective Learning Support for Next-Generation STEM Learning Games”

    PI: Dr. Valerie Shute
    Funding Agency: IES
    This project will study theoretically-guided, in-game learning supports as a malleable factor that can improve both the learning experience and learning outcomes in STEM related areas. Learn more.

    “Developing Stealth Assessment of Calculus Knowledge and Skills in Variant Limits”

    PI: Dr. Valerie Shute
    Funding Agency: Triseum
    This project will present learners the opportunity to explore, develop conceptual knowledge, and practice college-level calculus knowledge and skills visually in 3D to complement other forms of classroom and text-based instruction. Learn more.

    “Civics in the Middle Grades: Political Knowledge and Civic Engagement in a 7th Grade Civics Course”

    PI: Dr. Jane Lo
    Funding Agency: Spencer Foundation
    This study aims to create new understanding about (a) the relationship between political knowledge and civic engagement in a 7th grade civics course; (b) the influence of a 7th grade civics course on developing civic engagement when students are not yet old enough to participate in traditional forms of politics; and (c) elements of a 7th grade civics course that may help empower low-income students of color for civic action. Learn more.

    “What’s Happened with American Adult Understanding of Science Knowledge and Process”

    PI: Dr. Susan Losh
    Funding Agency: NSF
    The project analyzes data from The National Science Foundation Surveys of Public Understanding of Science and Technology (The NSF Surveys), 1979 -2016. Learn more.

    “Communication for Young Children to Enhance Learning (Project CYCEL)”

    PI: Dr. Mary Frances Hanline, Co-PIs: Dr. Kelly Whalon, Dr. Lindsay Dennis
    Funding Agency: USDOE
    This project will support five scholars in completing their Ph.D.s in Special Education.

    “The Fierce Urgency of Now: Children’s Defense Fund Freedom Schools and Culturally Relevant Pedagogy”

    PIs: Dr. Alysia Roehrig and Dr. Kristal Clemons
    Funding Agency: AERA
    This project focuses on research being conducted at North Florida Freedom Schools (NFFS). Learn more.

    “Pathways to the Education Sciences Research Training Program: Partners United for Research Pathways Oriented to Social Justice in Education (PURPOSE)”

    Funding Agency: IES 84.305B
    PIs: Dr. Alysia Roehrig, Dr. Tamara Bertrand Jones, Dr. Jeannine Turner
    The main focus of this project will be on recruiting underrepresented racial/ethnic students. Learn more.

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