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  • Online Ed.D. vs. Traditional Ed.D. – Which is Right for You?

    By Jennie Kroeger | May 31, 2016 | Posted in: Blog

    A Doctor of Education, or Ed.D., is similar to a Ph.D. in that it provides students with an advanced degree beyond a master’s. Typically though, a Ph.D. is designed for those who are more interested in pursuing a career in research, while an Ed.D. is more geared towards those who wish to continue a career in the field of education.

    With advent of distance learning, graduate students now have the option to get their Ed.D. in both the traditional classroom setting as well as online, but there are certain differences to consider when deciding which route to take.

    Are You a Good Candidate For An Online Ed.D.?

    First of all, in order to make the most out of your online Ed.D., you need to make sure that you’re a good candidate. FSU’s Online Ed.D in Educational Leadership and Policy is specifically designed for working professionals who have already attained a master’s degree and are looking to further their knowledge and skill set in education policy and the organizational structures that inform them.

    Time Investment for an Online Ed.D.

    For the most part, online and traditional Ed.D.s have the same time commitment. The number of classroom hours are comparable, and tests and coursework are also similar. However, the online Ed.D. has the obvious benefit of allowing you to complete your coursework at your own pace. In that sense, it’s not necessarily faster or slower to get your Ed.D. online, it just allows for more flexibility in the pace at which you collect your credit hours. With online programs, busy professionals with active home lives have the same access to a Doctor of Education as a young master’s graduate candidate who lives on campus.

    Cost of Choosing the Online Ed.D. Program Path

    Online Programs are the Key to the Future of Higher EducationWhile online courses allow students to offset costs of room and board for a traditional classroom setting, they still have a very similar financial figure to traditional Ed.D.s.

    Much like the traditional classroom setting, an Ed.D. requires 60+ credit hours to complete and provides the same curriculum. Costs for the online course are relatively the same in most cases, however, there are additional costs that can be incurred in pursuit of your degree such as technology purchases, distance learning fees, and the potential need to travel for an aspect of your degree.

    If you’re considering getting your Doctor of Education online, then you should check out the program website for any costs and additional requirements to getting the degree before assuming the cost.

    About FSU’s Online Ed.D. Program

    The College of Education at FSU offers several online Ed.D. options in the field of education leadership and policy, as well as several specialized certificates and online master’s degrees.

    You can peruse a complete list of our online Ed.D. programs below:

    Learn More About Our Graduate Programs