Learn From the Best Educational Leadership Program in the South

Jennie Kroeger

Florida State University is one of the best universities in the southeastern United States. For Colleges of Education, U.S. News & World Report ranks it #37 in the nation, tied with Penn State. The college offers a wide range of programs that are designed to help students pursue meaningful careers in the education industry, whether that's teaching, administration, or research.

Educational Leadership PhD Program

Notably, our Education Leadership is one of the best in the nation. The Educational Leadership and Administration (EDA) program aims to nurture leadership skills amongst its students with the goal of improving schools and school systems in both practice and policy. , .

So what can you expect to learn from the best education leadership program in the southeast?

First off, FSU's Educational Leadership program offers several degree paths. You can get an online master's, an online modified certificate, online specialist, Doctor of Education (Ed.D., both online and in person), and an on-campus Ph.D. The different degree levels gives students access to a variety of careers, including school administrators - local, state, and national - education policy setters who help corporations and officials determine ways to improve the education system, as well as school principals, deans, and more. For those looking to continue teaching at the highest level in a specialized field, a Ph.D. is the highest degree offered in the program and it focuses on educational leadership and policy research. For those interested in leadership policy as it applies to practice, the Doctor of Education (Ed.D) program is geared towards an administrative and research-based curriculum. Across the degree spectrum, students in the Educational Leadership and Administration program will be required to master a core knowledge of theory and skills that apply to the art of leadership. Approved by the Florida Department of Education, the master's and specialist programs combine professional knowledge and professional experience so that students come away from their degree with a mastery of the Florida Principal Leadership Standards, including student achievement, instructional leadership, organizational leadership, and professional and ethical behavior.

Program emphases and objectives include:
  • academic training
  • practical application of content
  • expert mentoring
  • clear understanding of research and theory on education leadership

FSU's Educational Leadership program is designed so that graduates at all degree levels are prepared to apply a mastery of skill, theory, and practice to education institutions as a leader or administrator. With a current faculty of 15 experienced members, students will have access to some of the most experienced and qualified luminaries in the education industry in the country. Our faculty regularly participate in ground-breaking research and studies that have a positive impact on education policies and administrations across the nation. Learn More About Our Educational Leadership Program