Jobs for Advanced Teacher Education Degrees

Jennie Kroeger

There are several specialties available for those interested in pursuing an advanced degree with a wide range of career opportunities. Below, you can see a list of our specialized advanced degrees and some potential career opportunities and salaries associated with each focus.

Online Master's in Curriculum & Instruction

The online master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) is designed to help educators improve their performance and rise to the role of a leader among the educating body. Gaining a master's in Curriculum and Instruction will help teachers better understand the needs of their students; policy environments surrounding federal, state, and local standards; and new approaches to instruction. Graduates of our C&I program are set to take on roles as instructional coordinators, curriculum specialists, and education specialists working both in and outside of the education industry. Degrees offered: Master's

Special Education

The primary focus of getting an advanced degree in Special Education is to pursue a career with a focus on researching policy, techniques, and improving the overall effectiveness of education for students with special needs. Our program at FSU allows you to specialize in working with students who have autism, high incidence disabilities, and early childhood special education. Degrees offered: Master's (online and on-campus), Specialist, Doctoral

Social Science Education

A master's degree in Social Science Education places graduates at the center of a highly dynamic field that incorporates traditional educational techniques and a clear understanding of group behaviors and how it impacts the learning abilities of a student body. Degrees offered: Master's (online and on-campus), Specialist, Doctoral

Science & Mathematics Education

An advanced education degree in a STEM area, such as Math or Science, is designed to prepare you to address current issues related to learning, teaching, diversity, and policy of science/math education through research. As an interdisciplinary degree, it is designed to connect the disparate fields of education and science/mathematics through a collaborative educational environment. Degrees offered: Master's (online and on-campus), Specialist, Doctoral

Reading Education & Language Arts

An advanced degree in Reading Education and Language Arts prepares students for a wide variety of positions in the educational field, including early reading and writing instruction, language acquisition and development, K-12 school literacy, post-secondary reading programs, literacy teacher education, research, and adult literacy. Degrees offered: Master's, Specialist, Doctoral

Foreign & Second Language Education

Advanced degrees in foreign and second language are high in demand. The field of second language education is quickly growing. A degree in will give students "the opportunity to participate in research and investigate issues such as those related to language pedagogy and curricula, second language acquisition, the development of articulated foreign and second language programs, cultural aspects of language acquisition, and other issues related to multilingualism/multiculturalism." Degrees offered: Master's (online and on-campus), Specialist, Doctoral

Elementary & Early Childhood Education

Elementary and Early Childhood Education graduates are poised to have an impact on the learning and development of children from Pre-K through 6th grade. FSU's teacher education program "is a model service-learning program for the entire state of Florida and is recognized for the quality and preparation of our graduates." Degrees offered: Master's (online and on-campus) Specialist, Doctoral

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