Instructional Design and Technology

In today’s world, businesses, government agencies, universities, schools and many other types of organizations are interested in hiring individuals who can create innovative approaches to online instructional design.

The certificate in Online Instructional Development is a non-degree program offered online that prepares you to design online instruction in a variety of settings. The program should be completed within a five-year period. Twelve credit hours earned (with a grade of “B” or higher) as a non-degree seeking student for the certificate may be applied toward your degree upon admission to the master’s program in Instructional Systems and Learning Technologies.

Admission Requirements

Any individual who has an undergraduate degree and is eligible to enroll as a non-degree seeking student, or who qualifies for graduate admission to the university, is eligible to apply for admission to the Online Instructional Development certificate program.

IMPORTANT: In order to be eligible for admission to a graduate certificate program, an applicant must have a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited U.S. institution, or a comparable degree from an international institution.

Step 1: Apply for admission to the University (select one)

Step 2: Complete Admissions Form 

Admission to the graduate certificate program is required. Students are not enrolled in a certificate program by virtue of being enrolled in related courses. Students must apply to and be admitted to the certificate program in order to be considered enrolled.

Admission to College of Education (COE) graduate certificate programs requires submission of the Certificate Admissions Form to the appropriate department Certificate Program Coordinator and to the COE Office of Academic Services and Intern Support prior to the completion of two courses in the certificate program.

The Certificate Admissions Form must identify the courses and anticipated semesters you intend to take to fulfill certificate requirements.

Course Requirements

  • Completion of 15 approved credit hours
  • Six of the 15 hours must be online
  • Three core courses and two or more elective courses. A course may be applied toward the MS degree and one certificate. If you wish to get the MS and two different certificates, two additional electives will be required.
  • 3.25 GPA minimum
  • No grade below B
  • Complete program within 5 years

Required Core Courses

  • EME 5457 Introduction to Distance Learning (3)
  • EME 5602 Technology Design Skills (3)
  • EME 5603 Introduction to Systematic Instructional Design (3)


  • EME 5077 Mobile Learning (3)
  • EME 6403 Designing for Online Collaborative Learning (3)
  • EME 6415 Development of Computer Courseware (3)
  • EME 6507 Development of Multimedia Instruction (3)
  • EME 6414 Web 2.0 Learning (3)
  • EME 5250 Open Learning (3)
  • EME 5614 Design of Learning Games (3)
  • EME 6356 Learning and Web Analytics (3)
  • EME 6677 Advanced Design and Development (3)

After all certificate coursework is completed, but no later than 2 weeks after grades post, a Certificate Completion Form must be filled out and submitted to the Program Coordinator. Approved completion forms will be forwarded for processing and be posting to your official transcript.

Program Costs

Information about tuition and fees can be found here. Please note that students may incur costs associated with the purchase of books/materials for courses.

Program Contact