Four Reasons for Teachers to get a Master’s Degree

Josh Duke

Teachers, we know what you’re probably thinking. On top of teaching every day, a huge stack of assignments to grade, and lesson planning to do, completing a master’s program is probably the last thing on your mind, but we’ve got four good reasons why it should be at the top of your list. Getting a master’s degree as a teacher can be difficult, but the rewards are more than worth it.

1) Increase your earning potential

Let’s be real: being a teacher is not the highest paying job out there (although we think it should be). Most people become teachers because of their passion for helping children. However, as is true with every job, you want to earn the most money possible, and getting a master’s degree can go a long way in maximizing your earning potential. In many school districts, earning a master’s degree comes with a raise.

2) Become a better teacher

Teaching, like every profession, evolves over time, and what better way to learn about the latest teaching techniques and technology than through a master’s program? In a comprehensive master’s program like the ones offered at Florida State University, you will gain new insights on how to run your classroom and educate your students. And you’ll see improvement in your performance during our program, not just upon completion. That’s because our online master’s program in curriculum and instruction focuses on you and your experiences, allowing you to evaluate and examine your current knowledge and abilities while you’re teaching.

3) Expand your career options

Graduate programs in education open up doors. While you might love teaching now, you may discover other education-related passions later in your career. Getting your master’s degree now will give you more flexibility down the road. It even opens up the possibility for something like a specialist or doctoral degree. Teachers with master’s degrees are also valuable additions to a school district, so if you ever have to move, having a graduate degree may help you find a new position or take on more advanced roles in your current district.

4) Learn while you earn

As a teacher, you know how demanding the job can be. However, thanks to online programs like the one offered by the FSU College of Education, you can continue teaching while working through your grad school coursework. Many of the core classes in our online curriculum and instruction master’s program are asynchronous, allowing you to complete the work on your schedule. Furthermore, our professors know that you are a working teacher and have designed the program to accommodate your workload.

BONUS: Skip the GRE

Surprise! We have one more reason why teachers should get a master’s degree: our GRE waiver at FSU! Taking the GRE is one of the most often cited reasons people avoid grad school. We’re now offering a GRE waiver that allows experienced teachers to skip the GRE and start their grad school experience. To get a GRE waiver for our curriculum and instruction online master’s program, you only need to have one of the following:

  • Three years of professional experience as a practicing educator or equivalent field with evidence of Effective or Highly Effective teacher evaluations
  • Successful completion of six graduate credit hours from the C&I program with a graduate GPA of 3.50 or higher
  • Passing score on the General Knowledge Test of the Florida Teacher Certification Examination or an equivalent state certification examination

If you want to learn more about our GRE waiver and our online curriculum and instruction program, visit our website.

In many ways, earning a master’s degree in education is a lot like being a teacher. It may be hard work, but it’s enriching and rewarding in ways that many people can’t imagine. Plus, with our GRE waiver, getting your master’s degree is easier than ever. Still not convinced? Contact the FSU College of Education to learn more.