"The bond between our faculty and students is strong. There is a family feel here."

Here in the College of Education, you will find a welcoming family of faculty and staff ready to support you on your educational path.
And remember: we're here to help. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have along the way.

Director, OIIT
1301D Stone Building
(850) 644-9623
Research Administrator
1211 Stone Building
(850) 645-9521
Academic Support Assistant
3210E Stone Building
(850) 644-8786
Teaching Faculty I
Educational Leadership & Policy Studies
1209 Stone Building
Associate Professor
Special Education
2209K Stone Building
(850) 644-8416
Associate Professor
Mathematics Education
G123 Stone Building
(850) 644-7804
Assistant Professor
Sport Psychology
Assistant Professor
Sport Management
1028 Tully Gym
(8500 644-4298
Measurement & Statistics
3204K Stone Building
(850) 644-8787
Teaching Faculty I
Visual Disabilities
2205H Stone Buiding
Senior Editor
1211F Stone Building
(850) 645-9543
Assistant Professor
School Counseling
3205B Stone Building
(850) 645-9444
Assistant Professor
Measurement & Statistics
3204F Stone Building
(850) 645-0433
Associate Professor
International and Multicultural Education
University Center C, Room 4506
(850) 644-8165