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  • Dr. Sherry Southerland

    Director and Professor

    G115 Stone Building

    (850) 645-4667

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  • Sherry A. Southerland is the Anne & John Daves Professor of Science Education and the Director of the School of Teacher Education. Her research focuses on the identification of the factors that influence the development of science proficiency for all students (with a particular emphasis on students traditionally underserved in science classrooms)—with the recognition that proficiency involves the ability to apply knowledge, practices, and patterns of reasoning to allow the learner to make sense of phenomena in their everyday lives. One branch of Southerland’s research agenda involves the study of the development of students’ sense-making and affect related to science. The second branch involves the examination of ambitious science teaching practices and teacher moves that best support that development for a wide range of student learners. The third branch of her research agenda involves the examination of factors that influence teacher learning, particularly as it relates to their assumptions about the capabilities of their students and how those capabilities may shape the effectiveness of ambitious science teaching practices.


    Select Publications

    Strimaitis, A., Southerland, S. A., Enderle, P., Grooms, J., & Sampson, V. (2017).  Potential of students engaging in practices of science during laboratory experiences to foster science proficiency for all: An exploratory study. School Science & Mathematics, 117(3-4), 92-103.

    Southerland, S. A., Granger, M. E., Hughes, R., Enderle, P., Ke, F., Roseler, K., Saka, Y., & Tekkumru-Kisa, M. (2016). Essential aspects of teacher professional development: Making research participation instructionally effective. AERA Open. doi:10.1177/2332858416674200

    Walker, J., Sampson, V., Southerland, S. A., & Enderle, P. (2016). Using laboratory to engage all students in science practices. Chemistry Education Research and Practice, 17, 1098-1113.

    Enderle, P., Southerland, S. A., & Grooms, E. (2013). Exploring the context of change:  Understanding the kinetics of a studio physics implementation effort. Physics Review Special Topics: Physics Education Research, 9(10), 114-118.

    Saka, Y., Southerland, S. A., Kittleson, J., & Hutner, T. (2013). Understanding the induction of a science teacher: The interaction of identity and context. Research in Science Education, 43(3), 1221-1244.

    Granger, E. M., Bevis, T., Saka, Y., Southerland S. A., & Sampson, V. (2012). Efficacy of student centered instruction in supporting student science learning. Science, 338(6103), 105-108.

    Southerland, S. A., Sowell, S., Blanchard, M., & Granger, D. E. (2011). Exploring the construct of pedagogical discontentment: A tool to understand science teachers’ openness to reform. Research in Science Education, 41(3), 299-319.

    Blanchard, M. R., Southerland, S. A., Osborne, J. W., Sampson, V., Annetta, L. A., & Granger, E. M. (2010). Is inquiry possible in light of accountability?: Investigating the relative effectiveness of guided inquiry and traditional, didactic laboratory instruction. Science Education, 94(4), 577-616


    Current projects

    2017-2020       Preston, C., Southerland, S. A. [Co-PI], Travis, J., & Tekkumru-Kisa, M. Investigating the Characteristics of Programs That Produce Persistent STEM Teachers with High-Quality Instruction. National Science Foundation, Noyce ($1,397,000).

    2017-2020       Southerland, S. A. [PI], Granger, E., Jaber, L., Tekkumru-Kisa, M., & Kisa, Z.  Learning Through Collaborative Design (LCD): Professional Development to Foster Productive Epistemic Discourse in Science. National Science Foundation, DRK-12 ($2,093,767).

    2016-2019       Yaun, X., Andrews-Larson, C., Granger, E., Whalley, D., & Southerland, S. A. [Co-PI], Computer Science Integrated With Mathematics in Middle Schools (CSIMMS). National Science Foundation, STEM+C. ($1,113,591).

    2014-2019       Travis, J., Andrews-Larson, C., Kercheval, A., Shih, C., & Southerland, S. A. [Co-PI]. Preparing and Supporting Equitable Teaching in Mathematics and Science Classrooms: The FSU-Teach Noyce Phase II Program. Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program ($796,000).