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  • Human Performance Technology (HPT) - Graduate Certificate

    This certificate is offered primarily to students who are enrolled in one of the graduate programs that pertain to the specialty areas within Human Performance Technology (HPT). Thus, graduates who earn this certificate will have in-depth knowledge from their majors in one or more of the “solution areas” within HPT in addition to expertise in the broader concept and practices of HPT. The certificate is also offered to persons who have expertise in one of these solution areas as a result of their work history, and to individuals who want to use it as an entry-level achievement in preparation for further formal study or work.


    Course Requirementsexpand menu

    • Complete 15 semester hours, 3 core courses and 2 electives
    • All courses must be in ISLT unless the coordinator approves otherwise.
    • A course may be applied toward the M.S. degree and one certificate.  If you wish to get the M.S. and two certificates, two additional electives will be required.
    • All courses must be taken at FSU
    • All courses must be completed within 3 years to be counted toward the certificate.
    • A grade of B or better must be earned for any of the courses to count toward the certificate.

    Certificate Completion Form

    HPT Certificate Curriculumexpand menu

    Required core courses (9 credit hours):

    HPT Concepts and Processes:

    • EME 5601 Introduction to Instructional Systems (3)
    • EME 6691 Performance Systems Analysis (3) (EME5601 is prerequisite)
    • EME 6357 Evaluation of Training in HPT (3) (EME5601 is prerequisite)

    Electives: Select one from each of the following categories:

    System Analysis and HPT Solution Design (Select Minimum of One Course)

    • ADE 5189 Staff Training and Development (3)
    • EME 6356 Learning and Web Analytics (3)

    Or other courses relevant to the theme of this section subject to approval of the Certificate Coordinator.

    HPT Systems Integration and Project Management (Select Minimum of One Course)

    • EME 6631 Managing Instructional Development (3)
    • EME 6636 A Systems Approach to the Management of Change (3)
    • ADE 5083 Human Resource Development (3)

    Under certain circumstances, other courses relevant to the theme of this section might be considered as substitute subject to approval of the Certificate Coordinator.

    Total Hours Required: 15

    Program Costsexpand menu

    Information about tuition and fees can be found here. Please note that students may incur costs associated with the purchase of books/materials for courses.

    Program Contactexpand menu

    A. Aubteen Darabi, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor and Lead Research Scientist
    The Learning Systems Institute
    4600-C University Center
    296 Champions Way
    Florida State University
    Tallahassee, FL 32306-2540
    (850) 644-5652
    (850) 459-1470 (cell)

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