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  • Measurement and Statistics - Graduate Certificate

    The Measurement & Statistics certificate will prepare you to become proficient in educational measurement and applied statistics methods.

    Admission Requirementsexpand menu

    Admission to the graduate certificate program is required. Students are not enrolled in a certificate program by virtue of being enrolled in related courses. Students must apply to and be admitted to the certificate program in order to be considered enrolled.

    Admission to College of Education (COE) graduate certificate programs requires submission of the Certificate Admissions Form to the appropriate department Certificate Program Coordinator (see respective certificate website for contact information) and to the COE Office of Academic Services and Intern Support prior to the completion of two courses in the certificate program. All coursework in the certificate program must be completed with a grade of B or better (B- is not acceptable) and must be completed within 7 years of first enrolling in certificate program cour

    Admission to the certificate program is open to all full-time or part-time graduate students currently enrolled at Florida State University. The only specific course prerequisite is EDF 5400 (Basic Descriptive and Inferential Statistics) or an equivalent course.

    On acceptance in the certificate program, the student will be assigned an advisor. The student and advisor will jointly design the program of study.

    Application Procedureexpand menu

    The certificate program is open to all full-time or part-time graduate students enrolled at Florida State University. You must complete a certificate admissions form and submit a transcript to:

    Director, Certificate Program for Educational Measurement and Statistics
    Department of Educational Psychology and Learning Systems
    3210 Stone Building
    Florida State University
    Tallahassee, FL 32306

    For inquiries, contact the director. The director will review the application. You will be notified in writing of your acceptance into the program.

    Certificate Requirementsexpand menu

    The certificate program, requiring 19 credit hours, must be completed within five years. A grade of “B” or higher is required for all courses used toward the certificate. Transfer credits will not be accepted.

    Required courses:

    EDF 5401: General linear model applications (4 hours)

    EDF 5402: Advanced topics in analysis of variance applications (3 hours)

    EDF 5432: Measurement theory I (3 hours)

    Plus any three of the following courses:

    EDF 5406: Multivariate analysis applications (3 hours)

    EDF 5409: Causal modeling (3 hours)

    EDF 5410: Nonparametric analysis applications (3 hours)

    EDF 5431: Classroom assessment (3 hours)

    EDF 5434: Measurement theory II (3 hours)

    EDF 5435: Theory of scaling and equating (3 hours)

    EDF 5443: Measurement and evaluation in the classroom (3 hours)

    EDF 5445: Assessment of learning outcomes (3 hours)

    EDF 5448: Scale and instrument development (3 hours)

    EDF 6937: Advanced topics (3 hours, could be repeated; e.g., HLM, Meta-analysis, Advanced SEM, Categorical data analysis, Bayesian Networks, and others upon approval)

    Upon completion of the required coursework, a Certificate Completion Form must be submitted.

    Program Costsexpand menu

    Information about tuition and fees can be found here. Please note that students may incur costs associated with the purchase of books/materials for courses.

    Program Contactexpand menu

    Interested in a degree in Measurement and Statistics? Click here.

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