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  • Florida State University Schools (FSUS)

    FSUS is a school-within-a-school and an incredible opportunity for College of Education students. It is a K-12 charter school which also serves as a research center and a laboratory for teacher education and innovation.

    The school.

    Located in beautiful Southwood in the southeast part of Tallahassee, FSUS has a student body of 1,700 students selected to represent the diverse demographics of the entire state of Florida. Students here are not only afforded an education featuring the latest breakthroughs in academics, but also access to award-winning arts and athletics programs.

    The mission.  

    The mission of Florida State University Schools is to advance Florida’s K-12 education through exemplary teaching, research, and service. Just as important, the highly collaborative environment is conducive to constant improvements in the FSUS curriculum and to offering College of Education students a unique opportunity for advanced, hands-on learning.

    A culture of inquiry.

    The best teachers are always learning. FSUS fosters a spirit of lifelong curiosity in which teachers (and teachers-to-be) are constantly striving to find the most effective teaching methods. You won’t find blackboards here – instead you’ll find Smartboards and other innovative classroom technologies that invite both students and teachers to explore, ask questions, and make discoveries.

    It’s a culture of innovation and of inquiry where College of Education students take another step toward becoming tomorrow’s leaders in the field education.

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