Center for Research in Mathematics, Engineering and Science (CERMES)

The Center for Research in Mathematics, Engineering and Science (CERMES) aims to provide support and foster collaboration among researchers interested in conducting externally-funded interdisciplinary research on the teaching and learning of mathematics, engineering, or science, the conditions that influence it, and innovations that maximize it.

CERMES is glad to be partnered with not only the College of Education at Florida State University, but also with the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Engineering.

Research Projects

Pending Projects

Biology Reform through Argument-Driven Inquiry (BRAIN)

The BRAIN project is a large-scale efficacy trial that will test the effectiveness of the Argument-Driven Inquiry approach to laboratory instruction as compared to the business as usual, structured investigation, approach. This study will take place in an undergraduate biology laboratory course. Submitted to the Institute of Education Sciences.

Teachers Generating Curricular Resources to Enhance Ambitious Teaching through Effective Professional Development (CREATE-PD)

The CREATE-PD project aims to develop a model of professional development to support teachers’ learning around the use of argumentation and writing in science, with an emphasis on participants creating their own instructional materials, and evaluate the model’s promise and feasibility. Submitted to the Institute of Education Sciences.

Habitat Tracker: An Efficacy Study of Students’ Active Participation in Scientific Inquiry

Habitat Tracker is three-week, technology-rich, intervention that involves students in collecting and analyzing data associated with animal behaviors. This efficacy trail will evaluate the effectiveness of the Habitat Tracker intervention in areas related to students’ understanding of the nature of science and the nature of scientific inquiry. Submitted to the Institute of Education Sciences.

An Efficacy Study of Argument-Driven Inquiry in High School Chemistry

This four-year project is a collaborative effort across multiple institutions. The overall goal of the project is to evaluate the efficacy of the ADI instructional model, as compared to a business as usual, structured inquiry approach, in high school chemistry. This project will use a variety of instruments to assess the multifaceted outcome of science proficiency. Submitted to the Institute of Education Sciences.

Projects Under Development

Model Development Units

Collaborative project involving faculty from Northern Arizona University and the University of Texas at Austin.

Generating Opportunities for Flexibility, Argumentation, and Rigor in Middle School Mathematics (GO-FAR)

This project will focus on developing and providing teachers with an ambitious approach to mathematics teaching.

Affiliated Faculty and Partners

Florida State University:

Christy Andrews-Larson
Ian Whitacre
Fengfeng Ke
Yanyun Yang
Ellen Granger
Kevin Dixon
Paul Cottle
Simon Capstick
Susan Blessing
Kathy Clark
Paul Marty

University of Texas – Austin

CERMES has a partner center at the University of Texas at Austin. Affiliated faculty members from both centers engage in collaborative projects and research. Additionally, the centers work together to establish multi-institution teams of researchers to enhance the quality and rigor of research projects.

Victor Sampson, Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Patrick Enderle, Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Additional CERMES Partners

Ron Gray, Northern Arizona University