October 2021 Faculty News

George Kantelis

October 20, 2021

piferDr. Nathan (David) Pifer, assistant professor with a research specialty in sports analytics, was recently featured as an expert in WalletHub's piece on the trends and issues in U.S. Soccer and which cities are the best to watch the sport.





October 19, 2021

Megan BuningDr. Megan Buning, teaching faculty in the Interdisciplinary Center for Athletic Coaching (FSU COACH), recently submitted a presentation proposal for the 2022 NAKHE Hybrid Conference Embracing the Future: Navigating a Hybrid World. The conference focuses on how scholars and leaders can utilize technology and creativity to lead and instruct as we transition into seeing hybrid teaching environments more frequently. Dr. Buning's presentation is entitled "Eight Strategies for Coaches to Train the Mental Game." 



October 8, 2021

cam beattyCameron Beatty, assistant professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, recently published an article titled "Normalcy, Avoidance, Consciousness Raising: Exploring How Student Leaders Navigate Racial Battle Fatigue in the Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice." 

The study explored how 18 Student Leaders of Color, mostly Black and Latinx students, navigated racial battle fatigue as student leaders.



October 4, 2021

Megan BuningDr. Megan Buningteaching faculty in the Interdisciplinary Center for Athletic Coaching (FSU COACH), recently shared some of the best practices and strategies for athletic directors on The Educational AD Podcast. The podcast, hosted by Jake von Scherrer, meets with some of the top athletic directors across the country.