From Study Buddies to Forever Family: FSU Higher Education’s “Cocoa Scholars”

Students have formed study groups for about as long as formalized education has been around. Having fellow students in the same proverbial boat as you can serve as a powerful network of support not only academically, but also personally. Some groups can create friendships that last long after graduation, but on rare occasions, some can even become family.

School of Teacher Education Colloquium with Mia Hines

Mia Hines is an academic advisor in the B.S./M.S. teacher preparation program in the Florida State University School of Teacher Education. In this video for the School of Teacher Education Colloquium Series, she talks about the need to diversify the educator workforce. Nationally, teachers of color only make up 18% of classroom teachers. To help improve the representation, teacher preparation programs are attempting to recruit and retain more students of color. However, programs are discovering this to be challenging.

Professor Emeritus James Kenneth Brewer: A “Significant” Legacy

After completing all the prerequisites for entry to a graduate program in the College of Education at FSU, I was told by my department head that my final hurdle was to enroll in and successfully complete Dr. Ken Brewer's EDF 5400 Statistics course. It was the fall semester of 1988. I was 37 years old and like so many others of Brewer's students, had been absent from a formal higher education learning environment for more than 10 years. I was terrified, but also confident, attributable to having spent a lifetime as a student, teacher, trainer and educational consultant.