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  • Harold F. Cottingham Colloquium

    The Harold F. Cottingham Colloquium, sponsored by the Psychological and Counseling Services (PCS) program, aims to:

    • Maintain the sense of excellence and leadership in the Psychological and Counseling Services Program that typified the work of Harold F. Cottingham
    • Help current students understand the ways in which their graduate education relates to diverse options for professional employment
    • Build a stronger sense of community among current and former students, as well as current and former faculty

    2018 Colloquium Topic is “New Entrepreneurs in Psychology.”  Speakers include COE alumni Dr. Abigail Levrini, Dr. Mary-Catherine McClain Riner, Dr. Sheba Katz and Dr. Nolan Katz.

    The reception will begin on 10/18/18 from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m. in the COE atrium, with the colloquium occurring on 10/19 from 8:30 – 11:30 in the FSU Student Services Building, room 203.

    Who was Harold Cottingham?expand menu

    In 1958, Dr. Harold F. Cottingham became the founder and chair of the Department of Guidance and Counseling at Florida State University. As one of the “Forty-Niners,” those young faculty who shaped the development of our current graduate research university out of the Florida State College for Women, Harold’s bold leadership laid the foundation for an academic unit that remains vibrant and strong today. Harold retired from FSU in 1980 and died in 1981 at the age of 67.

    Dr. C was known for his work with groups, and he viewed such encounters as a primary vehicle in counselor training. The social interactions in classes and professional meetings were something that he enjoyed and valued. The idea of a meeting, a professional exchange in a face-to-face situation, or an informal professional colloquium would have appealed to Harold. Moreover, it is something that comes easily to counselors and counseling psychologists.

    Cottingham Photo Gallery

    Cottingham’s Curriculum Vitae

    Cottingham Directed Dissertations List

    Cottingham Obituary

    An Interview with Harold F. Cottinghamexpand menu

    An interview with Harold F. Cottingham

    Giddan, N. S. (1979). An interview with Harold F. Cottingham. Professional School Counseling, 27, 214-221. Reprinted with permission, American School Counseling Association.

    History of the Colloquiumexpand menu

    For years, faculty and alumni have sought to establish a new program and tradition that would honor the memory and legacy of “Dr. C” as the wellspring of training for more than a thousand professional counselors and psychologists. Such recognition is long overdue. To honor this legacy, Dr. Peter Scanlon helped establish the Harold F. Cottingham Memorial Fund to provide support for colloquia focused on professional development for professional counselors, psychologists and graduate students.

    Fall 2011 marked the first Harold F. Cottingham Colloquium for Professional Counselors and Psychologists, hosted by the Program in Psychological Services and the Career Center at Florida State. Distinguished speakers included College of Education alumni, Dr. Peter Scanlon and Dr. Joel Gecht of Impact Solutions, Inc. in Cleveland, Ohio. The colloquium was recorded and is available here.

    In Fall 2012, the distinguished speakers included Dr. Jan Greenwood of Greenwood/Asher & Associates in Miramar Beach, FL. A recording of her presentation is available here. In addition, the colloquium provided a panel of distinguished private practice practitioners, including Dr. Greenwood, Dr. Peter Scanlon, executive director of South Bay Mental Health in Boston, and Dr. Joe Garmon, a licensed psychologist in Thomasville, GA. Click here to view the panel discussion.

    In 2013, we honored the class of 1973 and friends and focused on the topic of creating a professional identity. Speakers included Dr. Linda Miles, Dr. Carole Minor, and Dr. Joe Padronaggio. Click here to view the presentations. Consulting from an international perspective was the topic for 2014, and included Dr. Denise Saunders and Dr. Donghyuk Lee as presenters and faculty discussants. The presentation and panel discussions can be accessed here.

    For Whom is the Cottingham Colloquium Intended?expand menu

    Harold was a licensed psychologist and a founder of the Eastwood Counseling Center in Tallahassee.  This program is viewed as an opportunity to bridge “town and gown” relations in the counseling profession, and is open to counseling professionals in the larger community, as well as alumni, friends, faculty and students.  This mix of individuals provides an opportunity for collaboration on training, practice, and research.

    In addition to showcasing topics pertaining to innovative practice or research in psychological services, this Colloquium is also a social event, featuring food and a day and evening program. Harold once characterized a group meeting that was fun and productive as having a “high level of conviviality,” and thus, a goal of the event is to make this an enjoyable professional experience for all attending.  The Colloquium will be held at a time of the year when important features of the University and the Tallahassee area can be incorporated into the festivities.  Accomplishments of current faculty and students, as well as alumni, will be highlighted.

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