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  • Undergraduate Admissions- Teacher Education

    Admission to Educator Preparation: General Admissions Requirements

    All prospective students must meet the following minimum requirements for admission:


    • Transfer students must satisfy the university’s minimum requirements for admission including demonstration of satisfactory academic progress, college-level English and mathematics proficiency, and world language proficiency.
    • Transfer students must submit current official transcripts to the Office of Admissions by the College’s application deadline. Your transcripts must show that you have satisfied or are on track to satisfy the admission requirements listed above. Our evaluation of your application will be based on the transcripts we have on file as of the application deadline. You can check the status of your transcripts through the Online Status Check (OSC).


    FTCE General Knowledge Examexpand menu

    The FTCE General Knowledge Exam (GK Exam) is a state-mandated entrance exam for all Educator Preparation programs in the State of Florida. No student may be admitted to an Educator Preparation program without official passing scores on all four sections on the GK Exam. There are no exceptions to this policy.

    Exam Preparation

    The GK Exam can be quite challenging. For our Fall 2016 admits, 63% passed the GK Exam on their first try. Therefore, prospective students are strongly encouraged to take the exam seriously and to prepare well in advance of the application deadline. We recommend that you make your first attempt early in the Fall semester of your sophomore year (September 1) as this will give you time to retake the GK Exam if you do not pass on your first attempt. Test preparation resources are available at http://education.fsu.edu/test-prep.

    Exam Registration

    To register for the GK exam please visit http://www.fl.nesinc.com/testPage.asp?test=GK. When registering, be sure to request that your GK scores be sent to Florida State University. If you have already taken the GK Exam and did not report your scores to the university, the Office of Academic Services and Intern Support (OASIS) will request your scores from the testing agency.

    It takes approximately 4-6 weeks for your official scores to be reported. It is essential that you take the exam in a timely manner to meet the application deadline. Official GK Exam scores MUST be received by the application deadline.

    Score Reporting and Verification

    The Office of Academic Services and Intern Support (OASIS) is responsible for verifying your official GK exam scores. OASIS will request official exam results for each applicant directly from the testing agency. In order for OASIS to request your score results, you must complete an Educator Preparation application (see the How to Apply section for details).

    Official GK Exam scores MUST be received by the application deadline. The College of Education reserves the right to deny any applicant who has not earned passing scores on all four sections of the GK Exam by the application deadline. OASIS DOES NOT accept unofficial score reports, including screen shots or paper score reports.

    Retaking the GK Exam

    You must wait at least 31 days to retake the GK Exam. If you do not pass on your first attempt, we recommend that you:

    1. Review the Performance Analysis section of your official GK Score Report. This will help you identify the area(s) you need to focus on for your second attempt.
    2. Do not immediately schedule a retake. Our historical analysis of GK exam retakes shows little benefit from retaking the GK Exam every 31 days. Set aside at least 2 months to study before retaking the exam. You can visit our test preparation page for links to resources to help you prepare for you second attempt.

    Recommendationsexpand menu

    Students applying to the Elementary Education program are required to submit three recommendations (recommendations are not required for any other programs). The College of Education uses a standardized online recommendation form. The form asks recommenders to evaluate students in several key areas, including academic potential, emotional maturity and commitment to a career in education. Therefore, you should select your recommenders carefully and choose individuals who know you well enough to provide a thorough evaluation.

    • Step 1: Submit an Educator Preparation Application (see How to Apply section below).
    • Step 2: Select three individuals to submit recommendations on your behalf.
    • Step 3: Complete the Request for Recommendations Form.

    Once you complete the Request for Recommendations form, your recommenders will receive a link to the online recommendation form. We will notify you by email when we receive a completed recommendation. All recommendations must be received by February 15 for the main campus Elementary Education program and by June 1 for the Panama City campus Elementary Education program.

    Program Specific Requirementsexpand menu

    Some of our educator preparation programs have additional requirements for admission:

    Elementary Education

    • Three recommendations (see above)
    • Essay

    English Education

    • Complete one American (AML), British (ENL) or Multicultural (LIT) Literature course.

    Social Science Education

    • Complete AMH 2010, AMH 2020, and two additional Social Science courses from the following prefixes: AMH, ECO, GEA, GEO, POS, or WOH. Recommended courses include ECO 2013, ECO 2023, GEA 1000, POS 1041, WOH 1023, and WOH 1030.


    • Complete SMT 1043, SMT 1053 and two additional courses in math or science: MAC 2311 or higher, or BSC 2010 + Lab, CHM 1045 + Lab, PHY 2048 + Lab.

    Music Education

    • Complete MUE 2040 and one child development course: DEP 3103 or DEP 3305.

    Application Deadlinesexpand menu

    Please review the application deadlines carefully before submitting your application. All application materials (including official transcripts and official FTCE General Knowledge Exam scores) MUST be received by the application deadline for the program.







    How to Apply (Transfer Students)expand menu

    Contactexpand menu

    If you have any questions about your application or the admissions process, please feel free to contact the Office of Academic Services & Intern Support (OASIS) at (850) 644-3760 or Education-OASIS@fsu.edu.

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