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    Services through lynda.com include:

    • Access to over 1,500 software courses and 81,000 tutorials.
    • Including Blackboard, Sharepoint, and Microsoft Office
    • Queue courses to manage your learning schedule
    • Online service available via tablets, laptops, and smartphones.
    • Courses are segmented in order to allow users to find quick answers to specific questions.

    Gartner Higher Education Reference (Core Research)

    Elevate your research with complimentary access to info about the latest technology trends. Gartner Higher Education Reference provides unlimited access to a knowledge base of IT research and technology news, products and trends to support your research and business projects. Funded in part by the Student Technology Fee, Gartner is available to all current Florida State University students, faculty and staff. With thousands of research articles on every aspect of information technology, the applications of Gartner research reach far beyond the technology field to practical uses in education, business management, healthcare, government and more.


    • Gather data to support class projects, papers and presentations
    • Keep up-to-date on new tech gadgets and how to use them


    • Learn how to use new technology in the classroom
    • Use the data and information to substantiate research papers


    • Analyze vendors and products to make strategic business decisions
    • Learn how to use new technology devices and applications

    How to access Gartner

    1. Click here for Gartner login page
    2. Enter your FSUID username and password
    3. Click “Continue”

    COE TechModules on Bb (self-enroll)

    We maintain a Bb site (self-enroll) and collect resources on screen casting, videoconferencing, gaming, and other instructional technologies.

    • Login to campus.fsu.edu and click the Organizations tab at the top
    • On the left, look for the Organization Search box
    • Type “resources” and click Go
    • Under “Organization Name” you will see “COE Tech Resources”
    • To the left of that, look for “(SCD_19341_org)” and notice the drop down menu (2 arrows pointing down)
    • Click those arrows, and select Enroll
    • On the next page that opens, click Submit

    Simple K12

    Great professional development resources for educators.

    On-demand sessions

    Per your request, OIIT staff will organize training sessions and/or collect resources to facilitate your work. Please submit your request: https://fsu.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_dhafikYZesbp8XP

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