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  • Educational Leadership/Administration – Modified Program


    In this program, you will master a core of professional and theoretical knowledge and demonstrate skills in applied research and the practice of leadership. The program is approved by the Florida Department of Education, incorporates a core of professional knowledge, includes an experiential component, and facilitates mastery of the Florida Principal Leadership Standards in educational leadership. Program emphasis includes strong academic training, practical application of content, and mentoring with field experts in today’s changing context of public school administration. Program objectives are drawn from the core content identified by the Florida Principal Leadership Standards, from research and theory on educational leadership, and from collaboration between practitioners and faculty of the department.

    Upon completion of the master’s, modified, or specialist program, you will be eligible for a Florida Professional Educator’s Certificate covering Educational Leadership (all levels).

    Students in the modified certificate program must complete both program requirements and DOE requirements to be considered a program completer and thereby eligible for a Florida Professional Educator’s Certificate in Educational Leadership (all levels). Please note: you must have at least 2 years of in-classroom teaching experience and must be in-state in order to be admitted.

    Admission Requirementsexpand menu

    Step 1: Submit Required Documentation

    • Strong letter of intent
    • Curriculum vita/resume that documents minimum of two years full-time teaching experience in K-12 schools
    • Upper-division cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
    • Transcripts from all previous colleges or universities attended
    • Three letters of recommendation on official letterhead from a supervisor or school administrator
    • Essay Question: From your professional work experience, describe and analyze one situation that involved a dilemma related to leadership. (Limit: one page response.)

    Please send the above documents to Linda Lyons before the deadline date for the semester you are interested in. (Fall admission: June 1, Spring admission: October 1)

    Shortly after the deadline passes, the admissions window will open and you will need to go online and apply as a Non-Degree Seeking student.


    Step 2: Complete Admissions Form

    Once admitted to the modified program, you will be assigned an advisor. The advisor will work with you to schedule classes and work toward completing your program of study.

    Additionally, you must apply to the certificate program prior to taking coursework towards the completion of the certificate by submitting a Certificate Admissions Form to Dr. Motoko Akiba, the Certificate Program Coordinator, before the end of your first semester. Coursework completed prior to application to a certificate program cannot be used towards the certificate. Please note: you must have at least 2 years of in-classroom teaching experience in order to be admitted to the program.

    Application Deadlinesexpand menu

    The application deadlines are as follows:

    • Fall admission: June 1
    • Spring admission: October 1


    Program Requirementsexpand menu

    Core (27 credits)

    • EDA5191 Leadership for Diversity (3)
      This course integrates DOE requirements of ESOL Standards for School Administrators with a) an understanding of the Consent Decree, accountability and equity issues related to LEP students; b) an understanding of compliance with federal and state regulations; and c) an understanding of cultural proficiency in the school environment.
    • EDA5508 Teacher Leadership Development (3)
      This course is based on the increasingly important role of a school leader in identifying and developing teacher leaders in K-12 schools. School leaders need to be able to work with teacher teams effectively as well as cultivate the talents of teachers as leaders in various aspects of school life. This course explores the dynamics of teacher leadership development in schools today and how school leaders can be prepared to cultivate this important resource.
    • EDA5219 Resource Management for Educational Leaders (3)
      This course examines public education as an economic institution, emphasizing the relationship between the purposes of schooling and the human and fiscal-resource allocation role of the principal. The principal’s role in selected strategies and techniques in critical thinking and problem solving as applied to school improvement are presented. Procedures involved in school funding are examined, as well as the role of the principal in implementing statutes, audits, procedures, and policies. Recruitment, selection, retention of school personnel, and collective bargaining are examined as they relate to state and federal law.
    • EDA5232 Legal Aspects of Public School Administration (3)
      This course is designed to enable students to identify and apply legal principles that place limits on authority, define individual and corporate liability and inform standards of educational practice in public school settings. It emphasizes knowledge, analysis, and application that explores a range of leadership competencies, including concept formation, organizational sensitivity, problem solving and decisiveness. The course includes readings offering an overview of key legal and ethical issues for school administrators and case scenarios designed for small group and individual analysis.
    • EDA5423 Data Driven School Improvement (3)
      This course builds expertise in using data for a variety of school-improvement purposes, including instructional decision-making in grades K-12. Collaborative action-research skills are developed to solve school-based problems.
    • EDA5503 The Principalship (3)
      This course provides a systemic approach to leadership and management roles, responsibilities, opportunities, and challenges of school principals.
    • EDA5504 Instructional Leadership (3)
      This course is designed to provide an understanding of the ways school leaders bring multiple resources such as teachers, parents, the community, programs, professional development, the schedule, and supervision together to focus on curriculum, instruction, and student achievement.
    • EDA5507 Planning Effective Instruction (3)
      This course explores the components and relationships that make up effective classroom instruction. Working on the assumption that effective classroom instruction is a necessary foundation for student achievement, school leaders need to know how to coach and monitor teachers use of effective instructional practices.
    • EDA5942 Practicum Experiences in Educational Leadership (3)
      The purpose of the course is to provide students an experiential orientation into the components for fulfilling certification requirements in Educational Leadership/Administration toward Level I Educational Leadership Certification. The practicum provides the infrastructure for the Mentoring Initiative and Field Hour requirements; two program elements that bridge leadership practice with the skills, knowledge, and dispositions to make a positive impact on improving schools and student achievement. The Practicum course includes one Face-to-Face Orientation once admitted to the Program.
    • EDA8966 Exit Portfolio (0)
      Consists of three components

      • Presentation of the Leadership Development Plan
      • Reflection on field experiences
      • Conceptual Connections Paper


    The final checklist to be eligible for Level I Educational Leadership Certification includes:

    • Maintain a 3.0 GPA
    • Mastery of all leadership standards, competencies and skills demonstrated through the Signature Assessments integrated across the core courses
    • ESOL requirement
    • Passing score on all (3) subtests of the Florida Educational Leadership Examination (FELE)
    • Passing grade in the EDA 8966 Exit Portfolio
    • Completion of the required Field Experience hours along with the Mentoring Initiative

    Note: Students pursuing the modified certificate program are not eligible for financial aid as non-degree seeking students.

    After all certificate coursework is completed, but no later than 2 weeks after grades post, a Certificate Completion Form must be filled out and submitted to the department Certificate Program Coordinator. Approved completion forms will be forwarded for processing and posting to the official transcript.

    Program Costsexpand menu

    The cost of this program is equal to tuition and fees as stated on the Student Business Services website, plus a $90.00 per credit hour distance learning fee. Contact the department for more specific fee information relative to student status and location.

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