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    This graduate certificate program prepares coaches at all levels from amateur to professional to hone their coaching competencies and skills. The courses in the program allow coaches to develop their abilities in the areas set by the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE). These areas include coaching philosophy and ethics, safety and injury prevention, growth and development, teaching and communication, sport skills and tactics, organization and administration, and evaluation of their program.

    Admission Requirementsexpand menu

    Acceptance into the Online Graduate Coaching Certificate program is based on the following requirement:

    • Students with a bachelors’ degree from an accredited institution are eligible to enroll as a graduate-level special student (non-degree seeking)


    • Graduate students in good standing at Florida State University
    • Current enrollment in the Sport Management graduate program

    Application to both the University and the Online Graduate Coaching Certificate program can be completed online using the appropriate applications:

    Step 1: Apply for Admission to the University (select one)

    Step 2: Apply to the Online Graduate Coaching Certificate program

    Courses offered in the Online Graduate Coaching Certificate program can be taken as part of a regular graduate program of study, or through enrollment as a part-time non-degree special student. Students may enroll in the courses without applying to the coaching certificate program; however, the certificate will only be awarded to students who have been accepted into the program BEFORE taking courses. To receive the coaching certificate, students must complete the required twelve (12) hours of course work including the professional portfolio within a five year time period from the date of acceptance into the program and earn a grade of C or better.

    Up to twelve (12) hours of graduate level credit with a grade of “B” or better in each course may count toward the Master of Science degree in sport management, provided the student qualifies for admission to the graduate degree program.

    Transfer credit hours from other universities or colleges will not be accepted.


    Required Coursesexpand menu

    This program requires 12 credit hours of course work offered online. Four courses will provide students with advanced knowledge, skills and abilities in different areas of coaching. The education and skills learned in the courses will provide the latest techniques for today’s coaches.

    • PET 5735 Advanced Coaching (3 credit hours)Fall semester – This course, aimed at the coach who is serious about learning the latest research in the field, is an in depth study of coaching competencies such as philosophy, conditioning, teaching, communication, organization, safety and evaluation.
    • SPM 5350 Athlete Recruitment (3 credit hours)Spring semester – This unique course covers identifying and evaluating talent, decision-making theories of recruits, influencing factors and persons, tracking systems, sales, communication tactics, developing a recruiting philosophy, increasing success in making good decisions on the type of student-athlete to recruit to fit the needs of the university, the athletic program and the student-athlete.
    • PET 5235 Motor Learning for Coaches (3 credit hours)Summer semester – This course covers how people learn skilled actions and how the principles of motor performance and learning can be useful in coaching a particular sport. Theories and principles explaining motor behavior, as well as the psychological factors related to and/or affecting motor skill acquisition and performance are explored.
    • APK 5121 Sport Psychology for Coaches (3 credit hours) Summer semester – This course presents the fundamental theoretical and practical knowledge needed in coaching various sports. The focus is on critical thinking and practical application of scientific findings.

    Program Costsexpand menu

    Information about tuition and fees can be found here. Please note that students may incur costs associated with the purchase of books/materials for courses.

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